Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Wednesday Night & I'm Back in Town!

(A peek at this month's AOTM quilt that I am working on)

I forgot to mention that I was going away for a few days with work, so sorry about that. I got back tonight and found that I had three new books (my first ever Amazon order) waiting on my doorstep as well as some wonderful ATCs from a trade with Margaret Roche. While I was away I used my evenings mostly to just read my book "The Trout Opera" by Matthew Condon (which I am struggling with, but determined to finish even if I skip over some of the more turgid passages!) but I did get a bit of the hand stitching done on the little art quilt I am making for Mandy as my "Art of the Month" commitment for July.

These are my ATCs that Margaret chose -
Napkin Collage on Stamped & Painted Canvas

Painted Vliesofix on Fabric with Painted Felt Flowers

Beeswaxed Stamped Tissue Collage

And these are the ones I chose! And look at the attention to detail in Margaret's packaging - so special - a beautiful card, envelope and some yummy ATC sized papers.

And these are my new books - don't they look gorgeous!


Jenxo said...

ooooh lucky you , they look like wonderful books jenxo

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Goodness you must spend a small fortune on books.
I need a lot of people like you when my book hits the shelves!! Getting nervous now.
I have run out of space to store any more but I like the look of these three books. Will look them up.
I need a bigger house or stop buying!!

Kayla coo said...

Dear Debbi,
Thank you so much for your lovely comment,very kind of you.
These books look great,I love stitch books!
Michala xx

Jen Crossley said...

Love your sneek peek Debbi It looks beautiful