Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Tuesday's This and That

(Having fun with gesso!)

Just a quick little post to say thank you to the Queensland girls (Jo, Kasha and Gaye) for insisting 13 months ago that I REALLY didn't know what I was missing by not even checking out the Cuttlebug machine!! Well I may be a bit slow on the uptake but I have discovered you are right - the Cuttlebug is amazing and I love it already!! Accumulating embossing folders at a rate of knots and watching all the you tube videos on different "recipes".

Blog Warning: Everything I make in the next three months is bound to have been put through the Cuttlebug at some point!

(From Doreen)

My mail this week has been wonderful - yesterday I received Doreen's beautiful ATC with the recycled ribbon (and yes, we really did manage to do very similar things but without any collusion at all!) as well as Kasha's Art of the Month - a wonderful set of button jewellery!

(From Kasha)

Then today I received Sharon's June Calendar Girls fabric postcard (and what a gorgeous postcard it is - see here for details ) and the latest "Studios" magazine. I just love reading about other people's art rooms/studios! Very inspiring.

(From Sharon)

At the top of this post there is a scan of are some pieces I am working on at the moment - in between emptying the guest room of all my art & craft overflow so that my Mum has somewhere to sleep when she arrives on Friday night!!

PS Jo has a blog give-away happening so check it out before June 12!


kelsey said...

Absolutely love the gesso pieces Debbi! The colours are wonderful!

Aha! So you have been bitten by the cuttle...bug, lol. It's amazing all the different ways you will find to use it. Make sure you attach your foil tape to some chipboard and run that through. Makes fantastic backgrounds and frames!!!

Jo Wholohan said...

Deb you just crack me up!!!! I just LOVE these top gesso peices, so so stunning!!!! WOuld you believe I havent even looked at my cuttlebug since we moved :)) xx

Gaye Todd said...

Debbi I think your gesso piece looks stunning and you need to teach us your new tricks now!!


Gaby Bee said...

Your gesso pieces are simply wonderful! The colors are just fabulous.
Gaby xo

Kasha Rolley said...

I knew you would love the cuttlebug! glad the buttons arrived ok and that you like them.

Kasha Rolley said...

I forgot to say that I love what you did with gesso, a lesson would be nice, you need to come to Qld, you can always stay at my place. And we would only only enjoy gesso, but some wine as well, he he.

Sue McGettigan said...

ha ha Debbi, welcome to Cuttlebug obsession :) Love your gesso experiments, very inspiring!