Monday, 8 June 2009

Recycling Packaging Ribbon

I had a quiet weekend as a result of a killer headache on Thursday - decided to be gentle on myself and it was a good move - I feel much better for it! It did mean however, that I didn't get much art or craft done except for some ATCs for a small group trade.

Annie decided the "theme" this month and she required that we use some "ribbons" that her husband brought home to her after finding them as packaging material in some boxes he was unpacking! The ribbons are synthetic and quite firm so I decided (after a couple of abortive attempts at other things!) to weave them together as the base for my ATCs.

Here is a photo of the weaving underway - I used various pins to hold the ribbons in place on two sides as I did the weaving. The base was a piece of cork covered with paper-backed fusible adhesive. Once the weaving was completed I ironed the whole sandwich (well, minus the cork!) and then backed it with green fabric so that there was some colour showing in between the ribbons. I backed this with Pelmet Vilene Plus and then used a couple of decorative stitches on my Janome to add a bit of interest. I backed them again with fabric and cut them into ATC sizes. After finishing the edges I added painted and stamped paper flowers with some adhesive "jewels" but then I decided the ATCs still needed "something". So I got out my wood-burning tool and melted little holes in the ribbons - I think it adds some texture!

PS The scan of the ATCs at the top is not really accurate colour-wise - the photo of the weaving is much closer to reality.


Doreen G said...

I had thought of weaving the background but I was too lazy.

Heather said...

I've just been admiring Doreen's ribbon ATCs and thought I'd see how you did yours. Very different approach but just as lovely. Those sunrise photos on an earlier post are so beautiful and your inchies are delightful. Glad you got rid of the headache - they are beastly.

Jenxo said...

How clever Debbi, they look great.
Hope your headache is gone for good jenxo

Sandy said...

What a good way to recycle. I really like them. I haven't tried the Cuttlebug yet.