Saturday, 9 May 2009

Fabric ATCs

I haven't been able to share any art this week as everything I have been working on has been for magazines or a gift. But this morning I finished my fabric Artist Trading Cards for a small group swap I am participating in. It was Carole's turn to set the theme and she decided it was something that starts with the letter "L". I love using lace so decided to use some beautiful lacy looking fabric that I have (I love the way it looks as though it has a net overlay) with a bit of lace, a lady (printed out on those ready to use fabric sheets which I also love) and some of my favourite leafy trim. So here are my lacy, leafy lady ATCs.

During the week I received this beautiful "arted-up"coaster from the very talented Celeste as part of the Aust_ArtSisters "Art of the Month" exchange for April.

(A lovely cork-backed coaster from Celeste)

Feeling very headachey and off-colour today so can't get motivated to do all the things I wanted to do, so I am thinking I might just go and play around with some canvas and paint - no plan, no expectations and no pressures! I am away a fair bit over the next couple of weeks with work so I don't want to get sick. A restful low-key day is probably the best idea. Besides I have the latest Cloth Paper Scissors magazine and a good book to read...

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Doreen G said...

You could add "long legs" to that as well Debbi.
I can't wait to get mine.