Wednesday, 1 April 2009

A Week in Reflection

I thought I would get to post here as soon as I got back from Perth but I was just too tired and now days have passed!! The wedding was terrific - perfect weather, gorgeous bride and groom, terrific company with fantastic food and wine as well!

Josh - Friday night

We made the most of the trip and squeezed in a lot - we bought an old wooden letter writing box (the double layered hinged sort!) at the antique shop in the little wheatbelt town of Kellerberrin on the way down to Perth on Friday, then had a great Indian dinner with our son Josh that night, followed up by a lovely relaxing morning on the Saturday with Jacob and Melanie and the two delightful grand-daughters.

Josh - Saturday afternoon (and hating the whole Mum wants ANOTHER photo thing!)

Evelina (now 7 weeks old) was available for cuddles and some awake time so it was just perfect! Really took me back to the wonders of little babies and even though it is only 18 years ago for me I had forgotten how heavy they get after a while!

Me and the gorgeous Evelina

Joseph (Grandad), Skye and Evelina

The wedding was Saturday afternoon and for anyone that doesn't know Perth (the state of Western Australia's capital city) it is a wonderfully scenic and very beautiful place with a fantastic park (King's Park) that is on much higher ground and overlooks the river and the city. You can sort-of see from these photos just how gorgeous the view was (from the the wedding ceremony).

The reception was in the Old Swan Brewery down on the river's edge and that was equally stunning. Sunday was spent driving back to Kalgoorlie - normally coming home seems quicker than going, but after a couple of full-on days, the seven hour drive seemed like a seven hour drive!! We were in bed early Sunday night as I had to go to work on Monday. Joseph was a lot luckier as he is on holidays.

Late afternoon view back over the Swan River from the Old Swan Brewery

I haven't down any art this week - I am back on my treadmill after work each day trying to get back in the pattern of regular exercise and it is feeling good! Last night at Annie's I really just talked and looked at lovely books etc other than finally finishing off my art journal from DJ's class at the retreat (I got around to beading the binding strings). This weekend, though, I have lots of arty intentions!

So to make this a bit more visual and arty, here are some terrific ATCs I have recently received. The first one is from my friend Annie (isn't it gorgeous - it is based on a terrific water soluble crayon technique) and the others are from the Surface Design Technique ATC Exchange.

From Jan Ziebol

From Aynsley McKay


sharon young said...

What an amazing place to have a wedding, as you say the view was amazing.
Your granddaughter is beautiful :-)
Lovely selection of ATC's.
Good luck with the exercise, you're very good, I wish I was, too easily distracted.

Anonymous said...

My sister works at Aspects and when i dropped in on her we went to sit at the war memorial and i was struck by how stunning the view is from that vantage point. How lovely to have a wedding there. I am glad you got home safe after such a hectic weekend.
lisa crofts

Gaye Todd said...

Loved the photos of your family and views of Perth (never been there)... and as always loved your inspiring art!


Sue McGettigan said...

So nice to see these photos - Perth looks lovely as ever. LOL at your son not wanting his photo taken, these poor boys - what's a mum to do, they're so handsome ;)