Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Some Days You Just Have to Get Dressed & Go to Work!

(Dressing Warm by Jessie Wilcox Smith - thanks to Karin!)

Easter was so lovely - what a great four days - full of relaxation, (including some overdue blog-reading and You Tube watching), celebration (Joseph's birthday), love, some creativity (lots of cooking too) and some reorganization (of my sewing room mainly) as well! But today the working week was a reality and I had to get dressed and go out there!

(Red Cross Fundraiser Fabric Postcards under way)

Despite the best of intentions I didn't actually finish much of what I was making over Easter - I have two small fabric collage type quilts for friends underway, at least five postcards started for the Red Cross fundraiser and several Oxford Impressions cards in the making.

I played around colouring tags (using Distress Inks and Moon Shadow sprays) and also experimented with my new Tim Holtz and Heidi Swapp mini masks. So far I am not overly impressed - the HS one that I tried (damask) is OK I guess but the TH flourish is too big for anything I am making or likely to make. Of course I could just use a portion of it. The other two packets I bought (borderline and timeworks) will be more practical I think. I loved the Tim Holtz video using the masks so I probably had/have very high expectations!

I also bought the Decorative Corners Glimmer Screens from Tattered Angels and used them at the Art Retreat on my Art Journal Covers. They are just gorgeous and I think I should have invested in the complete pack - they are more like a stencil and quite a firm plastic. I can see myself using them a lot! I am off to work some more on my postcards so that I can do some hand work on them at Annie's tomorrow night.

PS If you haven't already joined in my blog give-away - see here for details! I am really enjoying blog hopping as a result of the links I am finding from this (something else I did a lot of over the weekend).


Sam Marshall said...

Love the very cool glimmermist stencil you used. The tags look fantastic, too.

Doreen G said...

I bought both of those masks yesterday so I must use them to see how they turnout instead of putting them in a folder and forgetting about them.

Jenxo said...

love how your tags turned out, i am off to check out the glimmerscreens ...jenxo

sharon young said...

Lovely WIP's Debbi. especially the tags.

Jacky said...

Love the masking and the glimmer mists. I bought a couple of those from Christina....lots of fun.
Must check out the masks though, they look fantastic.

Julia said...

Hi Debbi,
Masks?...must try that...Just had to tell you, I have finally set up my Etsy site, and added things to it!...I am so excited by the prospect of being able to sell my art...Love your latest work...as always so refined and professionally done...love the colours, and elements...xx