Saturday, 14 February 2009

Work in Progress

Work in Progress - often referred to as WIP(s) - I have plenty of these and as I have no finished art to share I am going to post about my WIPs!

The picture at the top is a progress shot of where I am up to with my 50 little houses for an exchange being organised through the upcoming Creative Soul Retreat. Once swapped we will all have a very long and cute little village to line up on a wall somewhere! The chipboard houses we have been issued with are of varying sizes and shapes but all the ones I received are the same shape. Mine are tiny - about one inch wide and two inches tall. The majority have a delicate little window cut in them so that immediately limited the collage options for decorating them!

So after giving the chipboard a couple of coats of white gesso (fiddly business I can tell you, especially around the windows!) I have washed them all with one of three colours of diluted acrylic paint. I have blotted some with baby wipes to get a mottled look to the paint to give a bit of variety. All the rest so far is doodling with a lovely black artist pen - a lovely zen-like activity after a long day at work! Next step is to put a contrasting colour behind the window (painted book pages probably) and add my delegate number above the window. Then of course I have to do the 11 houses that don't have a window - they will be a variation on the same theme - maybe with a door instead.

Another large WIP is my "Pocketbook of Dreams" from a workshop I took with the wonderful Nina Bagley at my first ever art retreat in 2007. I have my cover made (I adapted Nina's version to make a leather wrap around cover which I will post when the book is all put together).

A copper mesh pocket page with transparency pocket front and tag inserted.

The back of the mesh pocket page with tag separate (photo of paternal grandparents and children - my Dad is the baby in the photo)

The book pages are attached to thin signatures using eyelets etc and various pockets are included either as a page or as part of a page. I have made some non-pocket pages as well for a bit of variety. The intention was to make various sized pages so that it ends up looking interestingly cluttered!

Another double page - right-hand side is another mesh/transparency pocket with a miniature bottle wire wrapped to the side.

The other side of the double page showing patina on back of copper mesh pocket. Right-hand side is printed vellum over a vintage photo.

Another double page - collage style.

I had a burst making these straight after the workshop and obviously put it aside "for later" but of course didn't get back to it. I rediscovered it this week lurking at the bottom of a big drawer where I store all my painted canvas backgrounds (as I tend to paint backgrounds when I am not inspired to do anything else!)

The other side of the collaged double page.

Most of the pages below are finished although some still need "something". I have scanned them flat but they are double pages as they are already attached to the central signature section. I really have the urge now to do some more pages and assemble the book so expect to see more over teh next couple of months.

The start of another page - gesso on fabric transfer (from a workshop with Lesley Riley)

A stamped page attached to the signature - waiting for a page for the other side!
The back of the stamped page - quote printed on vellum
Another solitary page attached to the signature - waiting for a partner! This one is a tissue/napkin collage with a seed envelope as the pocket.

I am off to Wiluna again this week for work (will be back Thursday afternoon) so today I am planning on starting a couple of projects that I can work on easily while I am away - the trip involves sitting in a car for 13 to 14 hours and this time I am just a passenger so I can do some stitching. I have two small exchange projects that are due this month so this will provide a good opportunity to get them done.


Jo Wholohan said...

ohhh arent your houses looking great!!! going to be a cool little village :)) see you soon xx

sharon young said...

Absolutely fabulous book, Debbi and thanks so much for clearing up what a signature is as I've been very confused as to how it works, up to now.
Have a good week I don't envy your car journey, I get car sick so can't do anything except admire the view.

kelsey said...

How fabulous is our village going to look! I can't wait to see them all lined up, will have to think of some appropriate way to display them all. Only 4 weeks to go!

Oh your book is wonderful too Debbi!!! All those wonderful vintage colours and the mesh and bits & pieces are fantastic.

Sam Marshall said...

Your book pages are fabulous and I love your houses.

Gaby Bee said...

These book pages are amazing, Debbi. Very innovative and interesting pages. I do like how you have combined the mesh with all the other cool stuff. Simply perfect!

Gaby xo

vintage moon studio said...

Love your pages for the book in progress... love the use of the metals and the orgnaic feel to the pages. Have a wonderful Valentines Day! Deb

Jen Crossley said...

The houses are looking amazing Debbi
I love your book pages just AWESOME
cant wait to see you in a couple of weeks

artisbliss said...

These are so cool! I haven't visited any blogs in a long time. Feels like I've been gone for ages!


Hi Deb
my houses and book from that retreat are still a WIP too LOL....gorgeous work with yours as usual.I actually wish my little houses HAD the windows as I have had to make them for my houses myself.There is a alot of shimmer and glimmer on mine.I can't wait to put the village together.

Night Owl Designs said...

Wow Debbi, you've got a lot of WIPs going on there! They all look fab though!