Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Elizabeth is celebrating 250 posts!

Elizabeth is celebrating her 250 blog post milestone so pop over to her blog to enter the draw for one of her beautiful heart shaped quilties.

Tonight I am off to try brush calligraphy at Annie's - this should be fun (probably messy too knowing my propensity to turn any activity involving a brush into a messy situation!)

And, because I have a psychological block about blog posts with no pictures, here is a picture of my sons, (since turned 21 and 18), my 21 year old nephew and ageless husband on Christmas Day (celebrated casually on the verandah out at my sister's Wilderness house Margaret River style!)

(from left to right my son Josh, nephew Jarrad, son Zach & husband Joseph)

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

What a great picture of your hunky men!!! So glad that you arenot in the fire zone!!! I ahve been thinking of all of you Aussie girls!!! i love seeing your name on my blog!!:)
Big hugs!