Sunday, 8 February 2009

A Fabric Paper Postcard Experiment

This month Carole Brungar and I are exchanging floral themed postcards so I thought I would make mine using some of my fabric paper (a la Beryl Taylor). Beryl recommends that you use photocopied papers so that they aren't too heavy for the technique but I have found that it still works using the scrapbook papers (probably just ends up a little firmer).

This piece of fabric paper includes three different scrapbook papers, including two floral ones. I wanted to emphasize the soft feminine colours so the paint wash over the top is very subtle and includes a little "Sea Glass" Glimmer Mist (by Tattered Angels). I said I wouldn't try any more glimmer type sprays as I was so happy with the Moon Shadow Range but when I was in Margaret River over Christmas I saw this particular spray in a shop there and fell in love with the colour!

After adding some thin batting to the fabric paper, I added some hand stitching in a few nice colours and then I decided to experiment by coating the whole top with a polymer varnish. It worked a treat and has made a very durable type surface. I have yet to post one of my fabric postcards "naked" (meaning without an envelope) but I think this one might now be safe in the mail system. I usually add beads or something dimensional but I am very tempted to just drop it in the mailbox! It is quite firm as I added a layer of Pelmet Vilene Plus and a calico backing.

I have been honoured in the last week or so by two lovely bloggers who have passed on awards to me - Krishna from Feltique (the Butterfly Award) and Julia from Verdigris Rose (the Marie Antionette Real Person award). I really appreciate you both thinking of me and although I am not going to pass this one formally, I really would like to honour everyone on my blog roll - and all the others that I subscribe to but haven't got around to adding to my blog!

I don't have any other art finished but I have quite a few projects underway so I will be able to share pictures soon (hopefully) - 50 tiny little chipboard houses for the Creative Soul Retreat which is just over a month away, some more technique ATCs, more Oxford Impressions cards...

Last week I was in the Esperance region for work so here are a few pictures - the weather was pretty variable and quite a lot cooler than the temperatures we have been having here.

(Close to the Esperance Harbour - the tower is associated with the
miniature railway and it looks bizarre from a distance!)

(This one is the $2billion Ravensthorpe Nickel mine/plant that has just closed down after 8 months operation)

(This one and the one below are of the beautiful remote Starvation Bay -
between Esperance and Hopetoun)

PS My thoughts are with all the Australians currently being affected by the
awful floods in Queensland and the terrible bushfires in Victoria.


Susan D said...

Didn't know there where floods but I've been in tears just watching online about the fires. My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected.

Jenxo said...

my heart goes out to everyone , it is a terrible time for everyone.

I love your postcard, fabric paper is fun to make and you can do sooomuch with it. like your pics too..... jenxo

Anna Matthews said...

I've been reading about the fires this morning, its terrible and my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone as well.

Your postcard is really beautiful!

Michele said...

Beautiful card. I also just made some postcards out of this fabric-paper; I really like working with it.

kiwicarole said...

OMG! I just spotted the card! It's gorgeous! I sooo can't wait for it arrive! I bet it's better in real life too, yours has been posted too!
Carole ;)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Debi!!
Your fabric paper postcard is just stunning!! The linear stitching with the soft florals is such a wonderful contrast!! i loe running across all of your beautiful artwork in all of my favorite magazines!! You go girl!!!