Tuesday, 6 January 2009

The Last Four Days of Christmas (belated!)

Well I had a lovely two weeks away - so much packed into a fairly short time and I am in major catch up mode as we got home Sunday afternoon and had to go back to work on Monday (yesterday)! Never again - next time I am going to leave myself at least one day to unpack and catch up on "stuff"!

The photo above is from my friend Jude's December 22nd wedding in the Swan Valley at the Upper Reach Winery - Joe took the photo on his phone so it is a "make-do" shot until we get to see the real photos! It was a fabulous day and one filled with love and happiness. PS I am the shortest bridemaid.

But right now the priority is to share the last four days of the "12 days of Christmas" exchange.

The Ninth Day of Christmas brought this lovely bird mobile from Samm Menzies - so sweetly made and packaged in an equally darling drawstring bag! Have a look here to see all of Samm's birdies together! They look wonderful - all made from recyled kimonos.

The Tenth Day of Christmas was my day and I made everyone a small notebook with fabric covered laminate chip covers. Probably a bit too bright and cute for an arty exchange but I really enjoyed making them in all their brightness!! Here they are en masse and in their fabric and frangipani wrappings. (The first photo is accurate colour-wise - not sure what happened to the pink fabric in the other photos!!)

The Eleventh Day of Christmas brought this gorgeous "wish" necklet from Jen Crossley which included such a wonderful little bird nest complete with eggs! It came all wrapped simply in calico - such a contrast to the creative metallic richness inside!!

The Twelfth Day of Christmas (the last day - so sad!) brought a superb ornament from Gaye Todd. Now this ornament was very special anyway but it also came in a special knitted and embellished pouch as well!

In the next couple of days I'll post all the other wonderful mail I have received over the last couple of weeks and some photos from the last couple of blissful weeks!

PS If you haven't already, check out Susan Lenz's Cyber Fibre Exhibition - there is a lot of wonderful fibre art candy there! And, if you are a stamper - Suzanne at Oxford Impressions has released a new plate of stamps - and they are really sweet!! Mine arrived today so you know what I will be doing this weekend.


sharon young said...

great to see you back, Debbi, you look wonderful in your bridesmaid dress, it sounds as if you had a perfect break.
What beautiful pieces in your 12 days of Christmas challenge.

Jen Crossley said...

Glad your back Debbi The wedding looks beautiful
Happy new Year to you Deb

Aussie Jo said...

Looks like a fun wedding.
Your notebooks and wrapping are simply stunning, I'm sure everyone loved receiving them, especially those in the midst of winter weather.

Annie said...

Great to see you back and catch up on Wednesday

Jo Wholohan said...

wooohoooo deb, what a lovely colour bridesmaid dress, glad to have you back xx

artisbliss said...

Loved seeing the wedding photo as we are in full wedding planning mode here for my son's nuptials next month.

Glad you're back.

Purple Missus said...

Good to see you back.
You made a beautiful bridesmaid.