Saturday, 15 November 2008

Mixed Media Monday - The Human Body

This week's theme at Mixed Media Monday is "the human body - or parts thereof" so it is very fitting that my Lingerie themed Little Fat Book came home to me this week from its travels. The round robin was started in 2006 but mine got a bit delayed a couple of times so it was lovely to have it come home! I think there are some more pages that were mailed to me separately but of course they were put away for safe keeping nearly two years ago so it will be interesting to see if I find them before we eventually move house!

At the top you can see the book covers - I love that lace tissue paper that I used to cover the mat board.

Pages above by Jo Wholohan

Pages above by Kim Skinner

Pages above by Megan Shields

Pages above by Ruth Kelly

Pages by Megan Shields

My pages


Trizzy said...

WOW that must be a record for the longest round robin ever - it looks like a gorgeous one too!

Homeleightigger said...

Gorgeous Deb. what a wonderful little book (reminds me - I must do a few more pages of my 'naughty but nice'!)

Jenxo said...

What a lovely book it is. I love the way you did the corset and i partiuculalry like Kim Skinners page with the curtain pulled back. They are ALL lovely tho!! Hope you find the other pages. jenxo

Chriss Rollins said...

It is amazing Debbi well worth the wait.

chriss x

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous book, Debbi! You must be pleased to have it home again! Diane

sharon young said...

What a wonderful little book, Debbi, you must be so pleased to have it back after such a long journey.
I jut love that last page!