Sunday, 26 October 2008

Sunday Stuff

I participate in a small Australian group that has a little art of the month exchange and this month it was my turn to make a small piece of art (no restrictions regarding what) for Gaye Todd. I sent her this "nature journal" that I made using recycled paper (for the pages) and corrugated cardboard (for the cover). The journal front is based on a lovely Stamps Happen image which I have painted with Radiant Pearls (which I believe have been superseded by Luminarte's Primary Elements range). I still have heaps of them and they are just glorious! I haven't tried the Primary Elements range (yet!)

My partner for this month was Karin Hutchinson and she has painted me this gorgeous little boxed canvas - I love it, especially the way Karin has incorporated the word "wish" in such a dreamy font.

Today I am working on my gifts for a "12 Days of Christmas" exchange. Good fun and for once I am starting with a reasonable lead-in time! Just as well too as I seem to have ended up with a lot to do in November, especially as I want to keep up with all the samples I need to be making for the wonderful online Fibre-in-Form workshops that I am doing.


Kaz said...

I can't wait to see what you make for the christmas challenge, and the canvas you received is gorgeous.
Your journal is absolutely stunning, lucky person who receives it. love it.

Jen Crossley said...

Your journel is just awesome Debbi cant wait to see what you do for the 12 days of christmas swap

BellaKreations said...

Oh I so much love your sunday stuff. Especially your nature book.............Keep up the great work Debbie. xox