Saturday, 25 October 2008

A Catch-up Post

Well this week sure disappeared fast! Zach finished school yesterday (for forever if you don't count university in the future) so the week has been a bit unusual and yesterday involved the dusk Graduation Mass (which was incredibly due to start in the middle of a very rare occasion here on the edge of the desert - a very hot day, a huge thundery storm complete with hail and then pelting rain!) and then the big Graduation dinner at the Kalgoorlie Miners Hall of Fame.

Fantastic seeing the transformation of all those teenagers in full school uniform at the mass to dressed up and dining in style just a short time later. After a late night, everyone is feeling very snooooozzzzzzy here today (I can hear Joe gently snoring on the couch behind me...) but I am trying to hold out as I hate "wasting" weekends sleeping!!

(from Left Top clockwise - Judy Scott, Jacky Williams, Hope Clinchot,
Donna Lagone, Mary Zimany and Terrie Lightfoot)

I've received some terrific mail this week - these ATCs are the ones I have received from a Felted ATC Exchange that I participated in (I have already posted pictures of the ones I made back here). These ATCs are so textural and all so different - I really love them all.

I also received two lovely fibre/fabric ATCs above from a trade with Claudine Kachelhoffer in France (no blog unfortunately) and this fabulous postcard below from Carole in New Zealand. It was my turn to decide what we would make this month and I decided we should make a postcard that involved recycling something. Carole took this to the limit and included the following in the making of her amazing postcard - newspaper, magazine, plant label, ticket stub, PICNIC wrapper, stamp, barcode and the bound the whole thing in Minties wrappers. Too cool!

I received a package a while back from the US that was in a tyvek envelope so I cut it up and used that as the main element of my postcard. I painted it with paints that are nearing the end of their life (not quite recycling but close!), and then I ironed the tyvek until it disintegrated in places and bubbled in others. I then layered it on a scrap of satin from a pile of scraps I got at a Trash N'Treasure and covered it with a chiffon scarf I have had for a few decades (and which used to be a bit part of the whole curling your hair routine back then!) and stitched it in a grid pattern. The postcard is finished with some sprays of Glitz Spritz and then I stitched on sequins which I have also had for a long time and some little seed beads. Zach said it needed a focal point but I wanted to keep the tyvek as the main feature!


sharon young said...

Lovely post, Debbi, it's all very different, especially the little smiley girl, that one made me smile :-)
I like your PC, the colours are great and the machined grid works really well with the sequins.

Jenxo said...

The felted atc's are just beautiful as are both the postcards, lucky you! jenxo

Gaby Bee said...

Wow, you received really fabulous goodies! The felted ATCs are absolutely amazing! Lucky you :-)
Gaby xo