Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Tuesday Evening Reflections

A little update - wonderful mail yesterday and again today, some fun last night furthering my "home" postcards and starting my Aus-NZ Quilter's April Journal Quilt (not that March is anywhere near finished) and a headache all day today (not associated, or at least I don't believe they are!). Haven't decided what to do tonight but I believe an inchie is needed ( Inching Artists has closed and InchByInch has filled the gap!) plus an engagement card for a work colleague and then of course there are the unfinished projects from last night (although I think an early bedtime is probably best!)

So to my mail - yesterday I received an amazing package of goodies from Joanna van R - we are trading paper for fabric and she also included my lovely Calendar Girl Postcard for April as I am her partner this month (pictured above on beautiful text fabric that was included in the package!! So yummy - both of them!) As certain teenagers I know would say - "a totally awesome" package. I particularly love Joanna's hand-dyed silks - they are SO vibrant - she is very skilled at this dyeing business.

And then today I received these gorgeous postcard and ATC trades (above) from Karen Stiehl Osborn - I love text and so does Karen so I just love these! Karen is an amazing artist.

Anne Lugherini (no blog unfortunately) is a pleasure to trade with - her work is so detailed and the stitching is stunning. Today I received a really sweet ATC and a delightful set of stitched inchies from Anne and they came accompanied by cross-stitch patterned notepaper! Talk about attention to detail! Fabulous.

And this is what I have been experimenting with - painted vliesofix - it is the technique to incorporate in this month's journal quilt. Needless to say I have painted a lot extra and I am showing small sections in the photo here. I have used diluted Golden Fluid Acrylics and the Fine Pure Gold has given the whole lot a wonderful gleam!

I've also been making collage backgrounds on canvas - this technique was in an early Cloth Paper Scissors magazine - basically glue down a whole pile of paper scraps, lightly gesso and then wash with diluted paint. The pink one is a whole sheet and the green-gold ones are "slices" of three a4 sized pieces. I'll post pictures once I use them on something!


artisbliss said...

I love the vliesofix stuff. I have done the collage background technique from Cloth Paper Scissors and it has come in handy several times.

Joanna van said...

So glad you like everything Debbi!

sharon young said...

Love the new collages , Debbi, I'm going to put the subscription for CPS on my B-day list, I think it's a great mag.
What gorgeous post!!

ELMERC said...

Love your Tuesday Evening Reflections Debbie, Elaine Cooke

Doreen G said...

You did well from the postman this time Debbi.
I love the collaged papers they will be very useful I think.

Mary on Norfolk Island said...

Have just discovered your blog! Wow, so many good things come out of Western Australia. The Thread Studio, for one, where I have just (once again) spent all my rainy day money and more on a bundle of textural and colourful delights. Holly Nuttley from Australind, Bunbury, has been an inspiration to me. her son lioves here on Norfolk Island, and I have been honoured to have her do free-for-all workshops in my home when she has visited!
Now Debbi Baker - I will follow your creative journey with great delight!
Mary C-B

Night Owl Designs said...

Love your collage backgrounds Debbi! Great technique.

Julie H said...

What a lot of eye candy Debbi. Your gifts are all beautiful, but that tiny cross stitch really caught my eye.
I will look forward to seeing how you use the backgrounds - they are so pretty.