Tuesday, 1 April 2008

I am having an awesome mail week!

Not only did I receive my Stamping & Papercraft subscription bonus package yesterday (the 510 Xyron and a huge KaiserCraft package) but I also received a wonderful fabric postcard trade and assorted goodies from Myra, including a terrific little tissue holder she made and some beautiful pieces of fabric,

a wonderful embellished fabric ATC trade from Danielle (it has an amazing velvet base),

my copy of the special Quilting Arts/CPS Studio issue,

and a gorgeous hand marbled silk scarf that I bought on Ebay (the scan is showing just a tiny portion of the whole thing!)

Then today I received a wonderful shibori dyed Calendar Girl postcard for March and a couple of chiffon scarves (scarce now as a recycled art supply despite their everyday use a few decades ago! - so very much appreciated) from the very talented Jenny Jones. I'm feeling very blessed!

Now I am off to do the other half of the soccer training "taxi" run - I will be so happy when Zach gets his driving licence!!

PS If there are any Aussies out there looking for a copy of Volume 3 of the Stampington publication "Altered Couture" I am selling a very gently used copy on Ebay this week.


artisbliss said...

You DO get good mail! I really like the velvet ATC.

artisbliss said...

PS--I've given you an award on my blog.

Jacquelines blog said...

Lucky you!!! good mail!!!

Elaine Cooke said...

Hi Debbie, nice to see you got your stamping and craftpaper package. Can't have you out of material.

Sue McGettigan said...

Wow, that IS a good mail week by anyone's standards! Don't you just love opening the mailbox for things like this?? I have the Xyron 510 and just love it, it's a great size.

Purple Missus said...

Just catching up with 9 of your blog postings :)
Gorgeous, gorgeous work as ever.
I love your dyed muslins and the little country cottage board hanging in your kitchen is fabulous.

Anonymous said...
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Jo Wholohan said...

my studios hasnt arrived yet :(( just busting to get my hands on it LOL