Saturday, 8 March 2008

Touching Base & a TIF Update

(Napkin Domino Art)

Well there is nothing quite like a four day working week to get you back to a weekend in a hurry! I am always amazed how much quicker the 4 days go when the Monday has been a holiday. There is a fair bit happening in the other (generally non-creative) parts of my life so I guess that contributes as well.

(More Napkin Domino Art)

Anyway I have achieved very little in a creative sense (except as per the picture below, preparing all my inchie bases ready for stitching and embellishing tomorrow) but that is about it. It hasn't helped that Joseph bought me the latest John Grisham novel to read - I am one of those people who reads fairly fast and who has real difficulty putting a book down once I am intrigued. Needless to say last night was spent reading rather than arting. I've done my walking every day this week though so I feel as though I am getting in the groove and it won't peter out this time. I'm trying to read while I do it to make the time go faster but it is a bit tricky!!

Yesterday I also received the latest Somerset Studio magazine in the mail - I love the day it arrives and I try to make the thrill of reading it (and I am one of those people that reads every word!) last at least a few days. I always reread and browse through my copies a lot as they are a great reference and inspiration when I am feeling stuck. I didn't submit anything for this particular edition but I was so excited to see that two wonderful East Coast Australians that I have had the pleasure of meeting at paper arts conventions both had terrific articles published - way to go Marg Buhagiar and Jen Crossley!! And then Keron Lee (who I get to meet in May as she is "putting me up" along with a bunch of others travelling from inter-state for the Art Retreat with Nina Bagley, Misty Mawn and Traci Bautista) had a gorgeous piece in the Expressions pages.

I have been trying to think of a good project for this month's Take it Further Challenge ("Do you ever notice the little things, the small moments, the details in life? This months challenge is to do just that, pay attention to the tiny details.") I was originally thinking of combining this challenge with my Journal Quilt for this month but after reading Jacqueline's blog this morning I think I will be doing a grid style collage of tiny details instead. I really like that idea as I can combine a range of media. I was originally going to do an abstract quilt based on a photo of a tiny detail of something but I am also thinking of changing direction on that one and going with the memories theme. No decisions yet and that will be an Easter project so I have plenty of time to decide.

The pictures of the napkin domino art are from ages ago - looking at them again has made me want to dig out my dominoes again. My napkins are always out as I use them constantly! I think I'll have some new domino art to post before too long.

Now I am off to do the vacuuming as I have a bridal shower to attend this afternoon - I didn't even know people still had them as the last one I remember was when I was about 19 and no other friends have had one since!


Sue Smith said...

I just love the dominoes! I hope you've had a lovely time at the bridal shower today! The retreat is sure to be spectacular with such wonderful artists - I wish I could hop in your suitcase and go with you!

artisbliss said...

The domino art is WONDERFUL! I have some dominos somewhere in my (very messy) studio that I bought and never did anything with. I shall have to pull them out and see what happens. Where do you get your napkins?

Jen Crossley said...

I love your Dominoes so much Debbi they look amazing.How you inspire me.Thank you for your kind words about SS It means so much coming from you Debbi

Dawnie said...

You soooo inspired me miss Deb with all that you share. Those dominoes look divine ! Really love all the fabric art you do.I esp love when you share the process of your experiments. Makes me drewl !

Dawnie T

sharon young said...

Love the Napkin Domino Art, Debbi, they're so pretty.
Good luck with the TIF challenge , I know you'll come up with something wonderful! You always do!

Viola said...

Your domino art looks so stunning, Debbi! Wonderful pieces!

Purple Missus said...

I'm playing 'catch up' again Debbi and as usual your work is just wonderful. I love the domino art pieces, they are fabulous.

jasminduft said...

Gorgeous dominoes! (Especially the "tall" one)