Tuesday, 11 March 2008

ATCs from Sabine

No new art of mine to show today as I am too busy making inchies. BUT I did receive two beautiful ATCs from Sabine - we agreed to trade and before I have even started hers have arrived! I need to get my act together...

And they are beautiful - but gee I wish scanners really showed up shine and glitter and dimension! What is showing up as grey in the one above is actually silver and sparkly!!

I also love the postcard (above) that Sabine sent with her ATCs - I don't read German but I am assuming it was advertising a fabulous clay/pottery exhibition - it certainly looks interesting! My Dad was a functional potter so I can't help but be interested in other potters and clay artists.

And these are older stamping/collage pieces of mine just so that there is something of me in this post!!


artisbliss said...

Wonderful ATCs. I especially like the green one.

Annette Husband said...

Hey Deb
I often look at your blog but as you know I am a shy one LOL and forget to make a comment...anywho I wanted to tell you how much I love your art new and old woman(the copper framed child is gorgeous)...I'm always amazed at how much you get done and share with us all too...Thankyou Deb


sharon young said...

Lovely interesting post, Debbi, I too like the collage of the child, it looks like B&W contact sheets in the BG, very effective.
My favourite has to be the one on the bottom, beautiful muted colours, works so well with the subject.