Tuesday, 15 January 2008

"You Make My Day" Award

The lovely Sharon recently passed on a "You Make my Day Award" to me which was a lovely honour (thanks Sharon!!).

One of the really funny things about blogging is that it has really opened my eyes to the value of friendships developed as a result of a common purpose or love of a common thing. So many of the people I have really connected with as a result of blogging have a similar passion for creativity and self-expression through creative outlets. Sharon is one of these very special friends!

So many people "make my day" as a result of their blogs - it will either be their art, their humour, their honesty, their photographs, their knowledge or even their irreverence, so I pass this award on to all the bloggers I have read on this journey of mine!

Talking of blogs, as a result of reading this post, I visited this blog and found out about "Creativity Every Day" (CED 2008). I have signed up of course as this fits perfectly with my beliefs - creativity can be expressed in so many ways, including tonight's couscous (although hopefully, after finishing cooking, it will also find/show itself in my Take it Further art quilt!).

And some art work to finish this very quick little post (a journal cover I made some time ago for one of my sisters):


Gunnels blog said...

your journalcover is so lovely!

sharon young said...

Hi Debbi
Thank you for your very kind words, our friendship means a great deal to me.
Your album cover is delightful, you really do have a special gift for putting just the right elements together, I love all the wonderful little details you put into everything.
You do find some wonderful blogs, I must get back to this one, it looks very interesting.
Have you sent your 'wish ribbon' off yet?
Thanks for you comment on my last post.

Jacquelines blog said...

It is gorgeous Debbi!!!

Maggie R said...

Debbi. I just LOVE this journal . You do have a nice style.... I gotta loosen up!! ;-}
Thanks for popping by my blog. Yes I think the "Surface Design" group is going to be enjoyable and helpful too. Every day a new experience! I'm just getting over cataract surgery and am seeing things in a wonderful new way!!
Toodles for now,