Monday, 14 January 2008

Lightness of Being...& A Wish Tree

Just reporting in! I feel a wonderful sense of lightness - I finished my clean out of my paper arts room (read "spare bedroom with heavy investment of paper, stamps, paints, canvas, inks etc etc) at 3:30pm yesterday afternoon and I cannot believe how good it made me feel. I could of course have quite reasonably downsized supply-wise but all I did was throw away rubbish (especially stuff I had kept because it was something that I could potentially recycle/use - that is, if I live a couple of extra centuries!) and re-organise my supplies. It was a huge effort and has been at the cost of more than a week's creativity but IT WAS WORTH EVERY MINUTE!! I have floor space again!!

To celebrate I started my Seasons Journal Quilt (unadorned but pieced fabric above - although I did afterwards use Terracotta Color Wash on the bright autumn section to make it a bit more autumny!), did some more work on my Australian Autumn quilt, decided to do a small quilt for the "Take it Further" challenge and chose fabrics for the specified colour scheme - see below (I am possibly being a little liberal here in my interpretation but I really want to do something with an oriental flavour and I just love text on fabric) and started a paper arts project for Stamping & Papercraft. Such bliss...

And then today I received three wonderful fabric postcards in the mail. The first one came naked (no envelope!!) and is a wonderful felted piece of artwork by Dianne McGrath for the January Calendar Girls exchange. The texture and tactile qualities are just wonderful!

And the next two came from the wonderful Fiona Mortimore as part of an exchange a small group of Australians have been running this year. The first one with the vibrant felted background and blanket-stitched ribbon binding is for the "Pattern" theme and the other beautiful birdy one is for the "Paper Fabric" theme. How lucky can one person be?

And talking of luck, today I have somehow stumbled across this wonderful blog and found out about Rachel's Saturday Seeds and the wish tree!! I just love this idea and it is so easy to participate. I love these ways of connecting up with others in a way that just wasn't possible before blogging...I can see all those ribbons blowing in the breeze from that beautiful dogwood tree!


Pat said...

Congratulations, you obviously feel great, good luck with all the projects.

Rachel said...

Your art is wonderful! I love the pieces in the Somerset magazine. Thanks for spreading the word about Saturday Seeds.

sharon young said...

Hi Debbi
So glad you got it all together in the end, yous ound really energised!
I love your choice of fabrics for the TIF challenge, very different! and what lovely posts you received.
Thanks for the link to the wish tree post , what a wonderful idea, all those wishes being sent to one place for such a special ceremony.

Elizabeth said...

Cleaning out is th most dreaded but we feel so good after we have done it!! I am still working on my space!!! The fabric postcards are wonderful. Dianne does such beatutiful work- I have been a fan of hers for ages, and Fiona does such glorious stitch work!! Lucky You!!


Hope that your wish comes true!!!

Dianne said...

Glad it made it there in it's "naked" state!!