Monday, 12 November 2007

Inching Artists - Eye Spy

I had trouble with the theme at Inching Artists this week - "Eye Spy". But I was determined to participate before the theme changes tomorrow so decided to stop obsessing about doing something interesting and just get on with doing something! Originally I was going to do the keyhole thing but couldn't find a stamp (or image) small enough to fit on the one inch square. Then I was going to do a set of four different eyes but I smudged most of the others. You know what it is like when you decide to just casually wipe a spot and then you realise you have just transferred the entire image onto your finger! What is even worse is doing it repeatedly...

The image is one of four eyes on the Postmodern Design cube and it is stamped in black on dark blue cardstock that has been coloured with Moon Glow's Starburst Stain in Tibetan Poppy Teal - a beautiful colour, if very smudgeable!


ATCLindaB said...

fantastic as always...I think I need to work harder to challenge you Inchie Artists!

sharon young said...

Hi Debbi
The eyes make a lovely tryptich! Sorry I seem to be seeing erything in threes at the moment LOL.
Seriously, the colours are beautifil and the expression in the eye quite haunting.
You must have an amazing imagination to respond so quickly to all these challenges I don't think I could keep up, I have enough trouble thinking about 1 thing at a time!

Myra said...

Debi - your eyes look great! This WAS a tough theme.

Dawnie said...

A great entry for eyes and I love that image.

You entertain me once again Debbie !
A blog entry coming from me soon. HA !


Francis said...

Love your eyes!