Thursday, 15 November 2007

Gothic Arch - Text (& Some More Great Mail!)

You might not realize it (from looking at my arch this week) but the theme at the Gothic Arch challenge site this week is "text". I love text and script images and I used them extensively on my arch this week but somehow my background layered colouring techniques have overtaken the text images and you can't easily see them in the scan (they are slightly more visible in real life!) The actual arch is last week's arch failure recycled with a layer of gesso, some stamping, some inks and sprays for colouring etc etc. It was good quality paper - Fabriano print making paper - so I wasn't about to waste it! I also used decoupage paper for the images, a very old novel for the words and three star "nailheads".

Today I received a fabulous embellisher fabric postcard trade from Jane Pisan and she also included a beautiful dream catcher. I love them Jane!


Jacquelines blog said...

I like this one very much Debbi!

sharon young said...

Hi Debbi
I like working with text too but i think sometimes it's even more powerful if it's obscured and you have to guess at what;s there, the BG colour is lovely and very complimentary to the arch.

sharon young said...
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SHARI said...

Debbie---Your Gothic Arch is wonderful!! I'm the admin for a flickr group called Gothic Arch Art . I'd love to have your arch art added to the group pool. Please check the group out----and join us!!! I look forward to having your art in our pool!
-shari schneider

Dawnie said...

Love the arch Deb and Janes Work is fabo isnt it.
Ive seen her work up close and personnal .
Thanks for sharing