Saturday, 13 October 2007

Tissue Paper Studies Received in the Mail

Tissue Study by Jean Spillane

Weird week for me - I am so tired and can't really figure out why although I guess a bit more sleep would have helped. Anyway I meant to post these pictures of the two Tissue Paper Studies that I received this week days ago and have just realized I haven't blogged since Wednesday. I'll be posting again later today after I finish working on something.

Tissue Study by Cathie Recca

This exchange was a fascinating example of how much variety you can get when six people do a "tissue paper study" in a six inch square format. No other restrictions or rules. I have already blogged about my ones and the first two I received in earlier posts and I'll show you Ingrid's one once it arrives. The trades were organized through the Surface Design Yahoo Group - a great group who trade a lot so you have heaps of choices! There is no obligation to join trades though.

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Sue McGettigan said...

Wow Debbi these are fabulous - I've missed the 'whole tissue paper study' phenomenon so far, will have to do some research.