Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Fibre Postcards & Some Lovely Mail

Back to work today after the lovely long weekend - and I am trying to adopt the homespun philosophy that goes something along the line that it is the thorns that make you really (truly) appreciate the beauty of a rose.

Anyway this is my prototype for the fibre postcards I am making at the moment for an Aussie exchange on the theme "Patterns" - they were supposed to be finished and in the mail by today but I underestimated how long it would take the Shiva oil sticks to set or dry or cure or whatever it is they do before they can be heat set, so it was yesterday before I could add the Misty Fuse and blue organza, do some silver free motion stitching and start the beading. I have finished the prototype and the rest will be finished over the next two evenings if I give up eating and sleeping.

These postcards are something completely different for me and I am quite happy with their simplicity. I am also now in love with Shiva sticks - I am doing rubbings next!

Today, in amongst all the bills and envelopes for our local government elections, I received a lovely fibre/mixed media ATC from Diana Bahler in New Zealand. I sent her one as a RAK (Random Act of Kindness for anyone that isn't familiar with the acronym) but she is a purist about the trading bit, so has blessed me with a return ATC - a beautiful collage on calico. I love the stamps that come from New Zealand - they always seem to be beautiful and there was a card in there too (the ATC is scanned on top of the envelope and card). Thank you so much Diana - my ATC collection is growing and looks spectacular!

So that's it for tonight - I'm off to do some beading on postcards!


sharon young said...

Hi Debbi
Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog and for being the fisrt to comment! apart from Hannah, my lovely daugter.
I love the serene colours on your post card and the gentle rhythm of the stitching. I've been reading a lot about textile post cards lately and I think it's time I had a go, it looks great fun and a good way to communicate with other like minded people.

Danielle said...

The postcard is so beautiful, Debbi! Blue and silver - so dreamy and peaceful. (I'm really excited about getting back in with the exchange!)

Night Owl Designs said...

Your fibre postcard is just equisite Debbi!

ANDREA said...

Hi Debbi, I'm here and very glad to be!!! Your art is wonderful, colours to swim in and dreamy images and a lot of skill, talent and generosity! I will certainly be back soon and therefore put you in my favorite blog list right now!
Have a nice day
P.S.I admire your "productivity" as i understood that you have "another" job too...