Thursday, 23 August 2007

So where did this week go?

I know I only had two weeks and a bit of holidays but going back to work this week seems to have resulted in a very short week creatively speaking!

This week could appropriately be entitled major unplanned expenditure week - the new solar hot water system has finally been installed (it really does make sense to spend a lot upfront to effectively use your environment for the next X number of years but the initial $ are a bit of a hurdle to that thinking) and of course two palms and an ornamental tree in the front yard have been pink-ribboned by the electricity commission yesterday so major pruning is required (and the last time we had to take a tree out it was a major shock to the bank account!). Things come in threes, so of course my trusty Canon multi-function printer has died. But at least it wasn't the washing machine this time!

Anyway on the way home from work I decided to get the new printer (I had been planning a print-free zone for a while on the basis that the Canon still worked as a scanner) and decided to go with all the good press the Epson & Dura Brite Inks have been getting. The actual printer is so cheap it is ridiculous relative to the price of the inks but I guess that is the way of things these days. So to cut a longish story a bit short, I have just got the new printer/scanner/copier set-up but it is at the expense of my original plans for the evening!

So to get to creative stuff - last night at Annie's I started my little rust art quilt - I have decided to make myself a small art quilt that celebrates the organic results of rusting. It will be just fabric and hand-stitching (not necessarily quilting) and maybe some beading. I used my new "Snap" frame that I bought at the recent Craft Fair - and I am already wishing I had also bought the bigger size as it works brilliantly and is so much easier to use than the old embroidery hoop (even if so much more pragmatic).

The scans above are of my recent Adirondack Color Wash fabric experiments (perfect I am thinking for fibre ATCs and postcards) - some of the pieces were coloured just from mopping up over-sprays on other pieces and I think I like them just as much! And to finish, here are some scans of a couple of pages I have done in altered book round robins.

Bedtime reading tonight is the latest Cloth, Paper & Scissors which arrived today (thanks to the speedy and very efficient service The Thread Studio provides) plus I have started a Michael Connelly novel. Pity it isn't the weekend - we have had a real springtime feel here weather-wise (yesterday it was 28.5 C or 83.3F and today was just a touch cooler) - I would love a morning outside repotting my hanging baskets and then some afternoon reading in a sunny spot! At this time of year,however, the weather changes quite a bit, so we will have to see what the weekend will bring.


glitterangel said...

Love your altered book pages, stunning!

jo said...

Your bits and pieces look great! Have been playing with my Adirondack Inks today too, just love them!
We had some lovely warm days in Perth too, a real feel of Spring in the air!

Jacquelines blog said...

Wow, Debbi you're altered book pages are gorgeous. I really like them!!!

Jen Crossley said...

Love your altered book pages just beautiful.
Cant wait to see your rust quilt you know me and rust LOL

Judy said...

Indeed I too love your pages - the black one especially so. Thanks for all your great blogging Deb - you put such an effort into your posts and they are very much appreciated.

Kari said...

And which Michael Connelly novel have you started? I just read Echo Park and The Overlook this week. Both were pretty good, but I think he left out a little at the ending of The Overlook. Maybe a prelude of things to come in the next book? Who knows. I'm on my way to Oklahoma for the weekend to visit my dad (it's about a 4 hour car trip). Don't know if I'll get to post while I'm up there. If not, I'll "talk" to you upon my return. Have a great weekend!

Night Owl Designs said...

Your fabric "experiments" look fabulous, Debbi!
Sephi :-)