Saturday, 25 August 2007

Nice Matters & Very Nice Mail!

Jo from Artistic Journey has honoured me with a "Nice Matters" Award - this is actually something I really believe is important in the world of the net and blogging as it is so easy to give a wrong impression or to be misinterpreted. Good manners rule!

So it is now my turn to nominate other bloggers who I believe demonstrate that "nice matters" and of course I can think of so many as they are the blogs I am attracted back to. But these are the five I have chosen and I haven't worried about the fact that they may have already been nominated (it just reinforces the point that they are nice!!):

Jo - I haven't met Jo yet but will next May in Melbourne at the Art Retreat (yah!)but we have been in lots of exchanges and round robins though and she is always really really nice and does amazing mixed media art.

Natalie - I haven't met Nat either and she lives in the same state as me but again, I have been in contact with her over the years as a result of various exchanges/swaps. Nat is a very generous sweet person and it shows on her blog!

Audrey - I love Audrey's blog and her art and she definitely shows that nice matters.

Julie - I have only met Julie very briefly earlier this year but her blog and art are always interesting and she demonstrates everything this award stands for.

Nina - Everyone loves Nina and she has been my idol ever since I became familiar with her art through reading Somerset Studio. Doing a workshop with her earlier this year was everything I wanted it to be and I can't wait for the next time in Melbourne next year. Her blog is a very special place.

Doreen Grey's Embellisher Postcard

And yesterday I received my first Embellisher postcard! It is stunning (I love everything about it including the deep rich colours) and has been made by Doreen Grey over on the other side of Australia. I need to finish mine and get it in the mail - Doreen was extremely speedy! Thanks for exchanging with me. The offer still stands if anyone else wants to trade with me.

Last night I attacked a pile of personal filing and the dreaded tax returns so nothing creative happened, so here are a couple more scans of pages from altered books I have done.


Natalie B said...

Wow thanks Debbi for nominating me :-) You are so sweet yourself and I hope to one day meet you in the 'flesh'.

Julie H said...

Debbi thank you so much, you are so so kind, and the award was well deserved.
I have not met Nat either!
The pages from your journal are lovely, so soft and yet so detailed. I do like Doreens fabric work - she is such a lovely lady to swap with too.

Purple Missus said...

I've been away too long Debbi - its taken me the best part of an hour to catch up with your blog and all the gorgeous pieces of work you have been doing. Fantastic as ever.I'm amazed that you can fit so much in to your already busy life.

Dianne said...

Well what a deserving award for a really sweet person like you..
I love the pages they are just gorgrous...