Sunday, 15 July 2007

Weekend Report

So this was my weekend - woke up Saturday still feeling a bit off so thought I would delay housework until Sunday apart from doing the washing. That way I could indulge myself with some creative activity. Unfortunately feeling a bit off also affects creativity so I now realise I would have been better off doing the housework yesterday! I did get a bit done - I finished my Beeswax Rome ATCs (picture above - they are in their plastic sleeves so the scan is not brilliant), made a fabric ATC for Diane M (pictured at the bottom), started on some napkin/fabric postcards and read lots of blogs! In the late afternoon I went outside and enjoyed the winter sunshine while I painted some fabric and dyed some muslin (yes I was using my favourite Adirondack Color Washes!).

(This is the start of my napkin/fabric postcard - the original napkin is in the left corner and the rest shows the napkin once it is adhered to felt, dyed and partially stitched by outlining the flowers. I love these napkins!)

Today I was back to normal and after a good sleep in and a lovely cooked breakfast (a Joseph speciality) I went to the Boulder monthly markets to see if the "bush scavengers" were back selling old rusty bits and pieces. Unfortunately they weren't there so I went to the craft shop instead and bought a large crochet hook and a few bits and pieces, along with some lovely flower sequins and scrapbook papers from a cute little scrapbook shop (I must post a photo some time as it is the tiniest sweetest little shop). I have decided I need to learn to crochet and as I am going to Wiluna again tomorrow for work for a couple of days I thought I could use the evenings productively by teaching myself. I have gone to the library and got a book on huge crochet hooks so hopefully I will be well underway by the time I get back on Wednesday.

(Re the fabric ATC - the pink beads are stitched into holes that are melted into the fabric sandwich with a wood burning tool - the backing is painted lutrador which shows through the holes behind the beads.)

Today I did do the housework and then spent the late afternoon again outside but this time I was painting canvas boards and lutrador. I could do that for hours! So I didn't really finish a lot this weekend but I have quite a lot "underway"!


Karen Stiehl Osborn said...

These Rome ATC's are wonderful! I absolutely love them!

Sandi McBride said...

Good Lord woman, when do you find time for housework? I usually use some excuse like don't mind the house, I don't, but you take a breath? It was fun visiting you, Deb...I'll be back
Sandi (McBride)

Peggy said...

Your ATCs are lovely. I love the colours you have used. I would love to exchange with you. You want too?

Barbara said...

Hi Debbi,
you are very busy:))
I must work very much for our school party:((((sewing trousers) and because of this I can't think of a swap at the moment. But when I will be back from my journey to scottland(three weeks in August) I will be happy to trade with you once more .This will be happend at the end of August . Hope its ok?

Dianne said...

Excellent work Debbi, the backgound is stunning, I lovvvve
your work so beautiful and original.. I've been away and have miss seeing all your work..
I too would like to know when you get time for house work:):)

ilse said...


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