Saturday, 28 July 2007

A Nice Surprise!

I think I have mentioned that I had a magnificent lot of mail this week and in amongst it I received a complimentary copy of the Stampington publication "HandCrafted Volume 3". I thought it had been sent to compensate for a complimentary Gallery Issue that has never arrived. I was quite happy to receive it instead as I hadn't seen the first two volumes. Anyway I have been reading it the last couple of nights and really enjoying the range of articles and projects that are included but this morning I got to the last section which is a "Reader's Gallery" and lo and behold (I love that expression - just had to use it) there was a page with one of my pieces on it. It is actually one of my favourite collages so that made it an even nicer surprise.

So tooting my own horn here I suppose, but here is a scan of the page - my piece is the three tag collage at the top of the page. I have also included a scan of the cover of the book because it has a magnificent piece on it by Beryl Taylor and it is now only 10 days until the first of the three workshops I am doing with Beryl in Perth!! I can't wait and I just know I am going to come home bursting with ideas and enthusiasm!

On a completely different track, this morning I saw this link to a line of French leather handbags where you can buy extra "skins" to completely change the look of the bag - what a fantastic idea - some of them are really nice, as of course is the price tag! It made me think about ways to incorporate the same principle in handmade bags and totes etc which seem to be huge on the Etsy scene at the moment (along with retro aprons).

Last night I started working on a couple of pages for a hexagon shape book that I need to do this weekend and I was looking for a bright looking background. I found this piece of cheap watercolour paper that I used underneath some Color Wash / Moon Glow spraying that I did recently. I think the mop-up piece is nicer than the "real" pieces actually so I have cut a couple of tag shapes from it and done some soft background stamping on it. I've used my favourite and still relatively new Fancy Pants swirly flourish stamps as well as text stamps. The background colour is quite uneven as I was working on a plank table outside and the paper was very wet. These are scans of the piece before cutting and after stamping. I'll post the final results once they are finished.

And now I had better get into my craft room before the day is gone!


Purple Missus said...

You deserve to toot your own horn Debbi, its a fantastic piece. Just been catching up on the blogs and the pieces you have been posting just lately are stunning. Your colour choices are amazing. I wish I could be there with you for the Beryl Taylor workshop, I love her work. Very much looking forward to seeing what you produce in response to her class.

Natalie B said...

Debbi that collage is absolutely AWESOME!! Can you remember how you made it??? Love it, just absolutely gorgeous. Have fun at Beryl's workshop. Lucky you.

Night Owl Designs said...

Hi Debbi, congrats on your latest publishing! :-)

glitterangel said...

Wow, well done, well deserved, and what gorgeous work!