Monday, 30 July 2007

Artwords - Candid (& Other Assorted Stuff!)

This piece is for the Artwords Theme this week of "Candid". Pictures of people sleeping are about as candid as I can handle so I thought I would use this favourite reproduction image (this one is from a sheet of decoupage paper). The texture in the background is created via dry brushed gesso over a crumpled decorator napkin glued to the canvas board. I have been a bit slack and just scanned the canvas and the big beads on the tulle curtains make it too dimensional for a good scan but the camera is not nearby.

Once again we had a beautiful sunrise here this morning. My camera is pretty basic but you can see how lovely it was. The second shot shows the sky reflected in a window - I love reflections - you turn your back on beauty and it finds a way to remain in your sight!

We had an even more spectacular sunset this evening. I think it was mainly the result of very interesting cloud formations but unfortunately I was driving Zach to soccer training and didn't have my camera with me. It was so dramatic that I saw one young guy pull his car over so that he could lean out the window and take a photo using his mobile phone.

I had a wonderfully creative weekend, especially yesterday, but I didn't get many pieces actually finished. It was lovely though to work on several pieces and to move between them as they either dried or I worked out "what next"! Sometimes you really get that flow happening. Then of course I kept going too late and botched a perfectly okay ATC by deciding it needed some last minute trimming (it is now seriously sub-standard in size and destined to be "converted" to something else someday).


Purple Missus said... turn your back on beauty and it finds a way to remain in your sight!

What an absolutely wonderful turn of phrase Debbie. I have written it down so I never forget it!

Nancy Ward said...


hope you don't mind, but I tagged you on my blog today. Let me know if you'd like the link removed.


Nancy Ward

Judy said...

Superb Debbie. You ought to teach you know.