Saturday, 2 June 2007

So Glad to be Home!

Well I am home again and so happy be here. It was fun though to be in Perth for a few days and to catch up on some shopping Friday night after work (especially books but also a nice handbag and lots of printed tissue paper to incorporate in an exchange that I have joined that is based around tissue paper). It also gave me the opportunity to catch with a friend and with my son and his girlfriend Saturday morning. We had a delicious breakfast at the King St Cafe (a big favourite of mine in the heart of the city). The photos were taken late afternoon (above) and early afternoon outside the Matilda Bay Restaurant in Crawley. This is where we had a workshop on Wednesday and for someone like me that has lived inland on the edge of the desert for the last 13 plus years, it was just bliss to be so close to the beautiful Swan River! You can see the Perth skyline in the background.

This is just a really quick post because I am trying to maximise creative time today after 4 days without any. I have come home to my darling new Fancy Pants stamps (flourish, swirl and twirl heaven!!) which arrived from A Creative Place on Friday - great service as always. I've bought the Bella Brush and Pollen Dust plates as they have a great range of images and sizes. Today I am working on finishing my "Arch" shape book covers and page (for a shape based book round robin) and my Paint Metal and Fabric "item" for a one-on-one challenge. Hopefully I will be able to share photos tomorrow.

Tomorrow we have a public holiday in Western Australia so I am planning on getting the housework done first thing and then I have a whole pile of other stuff to start including this week's Wednesday Stamper, some cards for Stamping & Papercraft, several fabric postcards for various commitments, a set of six tissue based collages and 63 fabric "inchies" in blue. These are one inch decorated fabric squares and I have to make 7 sets of 9. These are all the rage at the moment but this is my first go at these. They are not terribly different in concept from some I have made before for various journal exchanges as shown in these photos but these ones will have batting and backing to allow various options for their use or mounting. So lots of lovely stuff to do and I had better get on with it!!


Sue McGettigan said...

Those fabric inchies look like a ton of fun! As for the photos of Matilda Bay, they bring back lovely memories - my family loves to go there for a coffee, a picnic, or just to wander.

Jacquelines blog said...

These look lovely, great to have you back!