Tuesday, 29 May 2007

More Great News!

I came home tonight with a new haircut (an on-the-spur-of-the moment decision to convert a trim to a shorter cut!) and a plan to pack as I have to catch a plane early tomorrow morning for a few days of meetings and workshops (work, not art unfortunately!) in Perth BUT I got diverted by my mail - a complimentary copy of Gallery Summer 07!

This was very exciting as I had not received any advice that I had anything in it. These scans show the two pages which include my pieces (the top right one and the middle one on the second scan).

And now my Mum has rung to say she is coming up next Tuesday for a couple of weeks! I have been really hoping she would visit - she lives a thousand kilometres away from me - as it is her birthday in June and I haven't seen her since Christmas. We have so much fun together and my son (the 16 year old one still at home) is already thinking about the baking that will be done while Nan is here!

The pictures below are the last of the beautiful Cream Journal pages. These ones were created by the lovely Ruth Kelly (whose postcard was included in yesterday's post). Ruth does a lot of really experimental stuff and I love the way she expands my horizons and opens my mind to new things!

I'll be back on Saturday and in the meantime no doubt I will feel very blog-deprived! I am getting a chance to see my son Josh who is at uni in Perth, so that will be lovely and it will more than compensate for being away from home for work two weeks in a row!


Jacquelines blog said...

Thanks for this treat, they look great. I shall miss your posts while your away.

Natalie B said...

Oh Debbi these pieces are wonderful. No wonder they are in the gallery!!

Jen Crossley said...

Wonderful news Debbi your work is amazing so no wonder you are in it your a inspiration girl

Night Owl Designs said...

Congratulations Debbi! What a fabulous surprise :o)

Sue McGettigan said...

Lovely art as always! Have a great time in Perth, and how wonderful to hear your Mum is going to visit, I love news like that.