Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Another Fabric Postcard

This postcard is one I finished last night for an AMC/postcard trade with Barbara. I was really happy with the background which is based on a technique I learnt from Dale Rollerson from The Thread Studio at the Art Retreat in Fremantle in March.

It is crumpled tissue paper bonded to felt which is then tea dyed and sprayed with a few colours of Adirondak Colour Washes and Walnut Ink. It then has a little black webbing spray (which I have now run out of and can't find in any shops) and some foil which is applied using Bo Nash powder. I have stamped the text background and flourishes straight onto the background and added the female image (a favourite this week it seems!) after stamping it on tissue paper which is then coloured with the Adirondak colour wash.

I am decidedly not happy about how yellow she looks but it is too late to change that. The whole thing is then sealed with diluted PVA which gives it a great "leathery feel". I have backed it with black fabric which is folded to the front and stitched to create a border. The flourishes are outlined with gold gel pen.

I have made lots of these backgrounds since doing Dale's workshop so I think I will be using them up on postcards as they are firm but soft enough to easily sew though by hand or machine. I'm planning on doing some beading on the next ones.

The two pages below are from Cream Journal and were created by the very talented Fiona Mortimore. She does lovely dreamy work and I can honestly say I have never seen a piece of her art that I didn't really like (or love!). I am really looking forward to meeting her in person one day! Hopefully before too long but living on opposite sides of Australia makes it a bit problematic.


Sharon said...

Debbi, I am soooooooo pleased to have found your blog! :D

Thank you for explaining the technique ... I must have a go at it sometime. :D

Jen Crossley said...

Gorgeous Debbi you are such a busy bee ,your work is wonderful


Angie in AZ said...

Wow, really beautiful work! I love the tissue PC just as it is... it happens to be my favorite color of golden yellow and it is NOT too yellow! It's beautiful! I am wondering though, what you used to bond it to the felt? Love the Asian pc as well. All your work is really gorgeous, well balanced, and soothing to look at.

Purple Missus said...

Another fabulous postard Debbi. You really have developed this technique. Its wonderful.

Sue McGettigan said...

Oh my goodness Debbie you've been busy making VERY beautiful things!!

carmel said...

Hi Debbie, have come to your blog via Nats - do love your work, thanks for outlining the tech (give it a go). Cheers, Carmel

Kristy C said...

HI Debbi!
I just LOVE the postcard here and I recognize the stamp :) love it :)

Kristy/Time to Stamp