Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Preparing for a garage sale...

I am so glad we have a Public Holiday next week - this garage sale I am planning for Sunday is taking over my life - I am looking at everything twice and thinking "are we REALLY going to ever use/need/want that again?"

So far I have stuff stacked everywhere - in the lounge room, in the entrance, in my little reading nook, in the study, literally everywhere. I have left my craft room(s) out of the sale altogether - I figure if I have to part with anything there it is probably better done via ebay.

Magazines are the major hassle - I don't have the storage space to keep them all but I love having them for whenever I want to flick through them. I can't be bothered cutting out and filing special articles but I notice a lot of them don't sell on ebay - you can't even give them away a lot of the time. I am, however, incapable, of chucking something that still has potential use/value in the bin. Guess I'll be re-evaluating storage options!!

The little canvas at the top of this posting is a simple little mini canvas I made for a couple of friends who recently had a hand fastening ceremony to celebrate their commitment to each other. I do a lot of vintage style and colour art and I mostly wear black, but I actually love a lot of colour in my life, so for this one I cut the heart from a really bright piece of hot pink and orange silk fusion paper I made. The canvas was painted in shades of blue and then I used a new favourite decorator napkin over the top. I used a white gel pen to add the dots and rub-ons for the word "love". I am ashamed of myself really - fancy using rub-ons when I have an enormous, but what will remain unspecified, number of rubber stamp alphabets that I could have used! My excuse is that stamping on a stretched canvas is (or at least, can be) difficult.

Last night I continued working on the backgrounds for my alphabet tags - I think I have decided that I need to change the image I was planning to use - I just can't get it to look right on the background, no matter what I do with the colour of the image. Anyway, last night I used bonding powder and foil to create a sparkly night sort of sky look on my tags - which had previously been coloured with denim Adirondak Color Wash and then sprayed with a purple and gold Moon Shadow Mist. (The Gossamer Gold is just magic and my all time favourite - I really must try it on fabric) . Unfortunately the whole foiling process took ages for the 30+ tags so I didn't get much else done, although I did cook a really nice stir-fry for dinner.


Julie H said...

Hi. I give a lot of my magazines to the High School I teach at. The kids borrow them from the library. I have also given away stacks - on a help yourself basis - in class. A lot of teenagers are into stamping and scrapbooking but a magazine is more than an hours wages for them. Just an idea.

Debbi B said...

Great idea Julie - I will have to contact the high school. So much better than just chucking them out!