Thursday, 26 April 2007

Hmmmm, a day of mixed feelings

For some ridiculous reason I woke before 4am this morning and couldn't get back to sleep so I got up around 4:30. I hadn't gone to bed early as I had had a fun stamping and chat evening around at Annie's, with her and Narelle, two Kalgoorlie stamping friends. I got to play with my new clear flourish stamps and I am very happy with them - I love backgrounds and these are all very suitable for my purposes with a nice mix of sizes and formal/informal designs.

Anyway as a result of lack of sleep, things have not gone according to plan today. While I have a lot of the reorganisation of "stuff" in my house done (not all, but a lot as Zach and I were successful in putting together the new bookcases on Anzac Day), I wasted so much time trying to recover all my bookmarks which I very carelessly managed to delete. The problem was not realising I had done it until I had done a whole lot else. Maybe the universe was trying to tell me that I was cluttering my life with too much blog-reading and web-surfing and that I needed to simplify...

Well simple is the result that is for sure - I am starting again and it will be with those sites and blogs that I can simply remember enough of to track down. Thank goodness so many people list other people's sites!

The net result was that I was pretty grumpy with myself this afternoon and the rest of the vacuuming was done pretty ferociously. But THEN the postie came and delivered a beautiful fabric ATC trade all the way from Jacqueline in the Netherlands. Isn't it gorgeous! That cheered me up a lot.

So then Zach and I went and had haircuts when he got home from school and that always makes me feel good - I swear I could just sit and let someone massage my head for hours. So now I am going to go and cook dinner and then I think I will have an early night! I have lots of creating planned for tomorrow.

As a result of wanting to put Jacqueline's link in this posting, I went and checked out her entry today (which fortunately was very easy for me to find as it is listed on my blog favourites!) and found that not only has she been nominated as a "thinking blog" but she has included my blog as one of her fifth "bulk" nominations in honour of everyone that blogs! I am sure this doesn't really count but after my day I am treating it as a plus!

Until tomorrow...

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Julie H said...

Been there - hugs to you!