Tuesday, 24 April 2007

ANZAC Day & My Personal Remembrance Shrine

Today is ANZAC Day and I want to honour all the Australians and New Zealanders who have been or are a part of our armed forces. Like a lot of women I know, I am not pro-war and wish we could find peaceful ways to all co-exist on this planet of ours but I also acknowledge that this view is the privilege that comes from living where I do. I also acknowledge that I get to have the right to have my own beliefs as a result of the efforts and sacrifice of others. My little ANZAC Day shrine, while a tribute to my paternal grandfather who was an Australian Prisoner-of-War in France during WWI, is also meant as a tribute to all ANZACs.

And to explain the significance of the shrine - and I apologise for the glare/reflection in the photo - the large photo is of my grandfather and his wife and children in 1930. My father is the baby in the photo (Dad would have been 77 this Friday). The Dr Pat tin was given to me to carry home some "treasure" by my grandfather when I was a little girl and I have hung on to it ever since. And I still love tins! The smaller photo, the bible and the "French for the Expeditionary Forces" were all my grandfather's possessions back at the time of the war and have a lot of personal significance for me. The rosemary bunch is of course for remembrance.

Sending love and wishes for peace...


Jen Crossley said...

I love your shrine of remembrance,the photos and your special tin you have had as a girl.Too often we forget what is important to us and this country.
It is a very touching shrine

Natalie B said...

Debbi, you are so lovely to remember your grandfather and father with your shrine. Very special and personal. :-)

Jo Wholohan said...

This is so touching Deb, very special indeed!!!