Sunday, 26 January 2014

Being True!

This last week's lesson in the Life Book 2014 e-course was by Kelly Hoernig and she encouraged us to make a collage that incorporated at least three of our favourite things and was "true" to us.  

I haven't been making collages much at all over the last few years but I really enjoyed getting back into it and you can see my collage above.  I have so many favourite things - my stamps, keys, lovely colours, text and typography, butterflies, printed tissue papers and then I love paint splatters and dribbles and and get the picture!

This e-course has really motivated me and I am enjoying it all immensely, including the semi-peripheral activity of buying new art supplies and tools!


lynnesbowsandbelles said...

I am a long admirer of your art so was delighted to discover your Blog.
The colours are so dreamy yet also have a wonderful energy and vibrancy and love the way you used one of my favourite stamps.

Jen xo said...

its so lovely to see you all inspired again....I need a poke ;).....what a beautiful page ...loving the layering and colors....

Gaby Bee said...

This page is gorgeous. The detail and colors are totally amazing.