Sunday, 1 January 2012


My painting for Sue Ettridge for the Nanga 8 December Exchange (30x30cm)
Happy New Year!  
Let's hope we all have a wonderful 2012. 

I only managed 21 posts in 2011 so I am not making any promises to myself about blogging this year - it will all depend on how much creative time I get and how creative I am feeling at those times because that is what this blog is about!  I am, however, doing the wonderful Flora Bowley's online Bloom True painting course in February so hopefully that will provide me with heaps of creative motivation.  Look here for details if you think you might like to give it a go too.

Christine Kane promotes a "word for the year" concept to replace the traditional New Year Resolutions and it has worked really well for me over the last few years.  I have been mulling over my 2012 word for a few days now and last night, sitting on the beach, watching the waves as the sun went down and saying my goodbye to 2011 and welcome to 2012, I realised that my word is going to be FLOW. 

I want to let go of my desire to control (and fix!) situations, to be liked, to please others, to achieve specifics.  To let go of fear. I need to be like water - to just flow with it, to wash around and over hurdles and to accept that ebb is part of flow. I want to let my creativity flow too!

Ciao for now & enjoy this first day of a whole new year!


Jenxo said...

What a good word Debbie :)
nice to see you back and hoe 2012 gives you lots of time to be creative...Happy new Year !!!

Liberty said...

Happy new year Debbi.

sharon young said...

Hi Debbi wonderful to see you back, I too have been off the blog cicuit for a year and gradually picking up with old friends, I've thought about you a lot over the year and as usual you put a smile on my face this morning. Happy NY.

Liberty said...

They are an ATC of you, on my blog, do you remenber ?

Fabulously french said...

I think that FLOW is a great word for 2012 :-) Not sure what mine is yet but will try and think of a word that will apply to 2012.

Tres bonne annee 2012,


Gaby Bee said...

This is smashing!
Happy New Year Debbi!

Hugs, Gaby said...

Hi Debbi, I am doing Flora's e-course too! Great to look at your inspiring Blog. Wishing you a fantastic 2012
Cheers Ushonah