Sunday, 12 June 2011

My Birds Arrived!

And they look gorgeous.  This is a photo of them all hanging in front of my blind in my little "bliss box" (craft room).  And here is another partial shot with the blinds open. They look gorgeous with the hearts from the last exchange.

Close-ups of each bird:
Susie's Bird
Margaret's Bird
Marlene's Bird
Ness' Bird
Lucy's Bird
Gaye's Bird

Kasha's Bird
Celeste's Bird
And mine.

We are doing houses next!


Lucy said...

Hi Debbi,
This was a great swap,and your birds look lovely hanging in front of your window!
Thank you for you're lovely bird!
Hugs Lucy

Shells said...

Wow Debbi, they all look great.

Jen Crossley said...

What a great Swap they all look amazing

Jenxo said...

oh Debbi, they look wonderful....great swap...

Elizabeth said...

Your bird collection is glorious!!! I love bird exchanges- did you do the Creative Chix exchange??? I love my birds!! Your display is wonderful as well!! Happy Creating!!!

cait said...

Thanks for blog comment Deb - great to hear from you. Love, love your bird swap ... and your pics of Bunbury are delightful - that area is a great walk. I love lighthouses too - that one is a fave of course! cheers