Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mixed Media Hearts!

Here are the results of the fantastic mixed media heart 
exchange that I participated in back in February 
when of course all things heart dominate! 

The hearts hanging in my "bliss box" (aka my little papercrafting room)

Another view - the lanterns look so pretty at night!

Gaye's adorable heart
Gaye's packaging - a beautiful pocket
Sue's gorgeous heart - showing the little lacy heart that lives in the pocket on the front of the heart

Margaret's beautiful layered heart & stitched envelope (I don't think Margaret has a blog)
Jacky's gorgeous recycled linen heart
Kasha's sweet felt heart
Nic's very unique wrapped heart (love the shell dangle)

Nic's lovely tissue pattern packaging
Vanessa's lovely recycled jeans pocket heart (I don't think Vaness has a blog)
Another view of Sue's heart - this time with baby heart tucked back in its pocket!
My heart
 My next project is very similar - 
mixed media hanging birds - 
still playing with ideas at this stage but 
I need to settle on one and get on with it as I making nine!


Celeste said...

I love the way you displayed them Debbi

Jenxo said...

beautiful swap Debbi, they all look gorgeous hanging with the lanterns...

carole brungar said...

Bliss box??? I love it!!

Created By You said...

All quite fabulous!! So much talent, what a great swap!
Sharon F.

Gaye Todd said...

Debbi - they look fantastic displayed that way..... need to get mine displayed somehow :) Was a fantastic swap, wasn't it! xo

stampdiva said...

Love the vast array of styles and the way you have displayed them is beautiful.

Night Owl Designs said...

Ooooooh, I'm a little bit jealous! They look amazing :-)