Sunday, 2 January 2011

A Fresh Start...

It seems that the longer I took to get back to blogging, the harder it became!  So 2010 has been and gone and what a wonderful year it was, even if I didn't do much on the arty / crafty side of things. And really that is probably the main reason I wasn't motivated to blog - the purpose of this blog is mostly to share what I am doing in that department.

So to get me started again I thought I would share some of the little creative efforts I did make in 2010!

A Canvas Board Wall Hanging for Kasha

Surface Design Zodiac ATC Swap

Zodiac Swap - we actually made 12 each

An ATC made for a one-on-one trade
A Canvas Wall Hanging for Tegan
One of a set of five waxed ATCs made for an exchange
I only made a few Christmas Cards - two variations

The other Christmas Card variation

A Collage Card

Another Collage Card

Another Collage Card

A Sympathy Card

And one of the contributing reasons I am not doing as much arty stuff as before - too busy enjoying being near the beach after sixteen years in the goldfields on the edge of the desert!  And this is just our local beach - there are lots of other swimming type beaches close by.

Bye for I am going to play with clay to make some little tiles a la Laurie Mika.


Sue Smith said...

Happy New Year, Debbi :)

So nice to see some of your gorgeous work from last year, but it was even better seeing YOU in real life!

Have a happy creative day,

xo Susie

Jane Clark said...

I always love your work Deb, it's all gorgeous! Looks lovely where you are now.

Jane xx

Celeste said...

Great to have you back blogging Debbi. I have seen the gorgeous art you made Kasha and love all your other creations.
Happy New Year.

jackie said...

Your collages are beautiful!! I especially like your Christmas cards and your birthday cards!

Gaye Todd said...

Welcome back to Blogland.... you have been missed. Looking forward to seeing what you create in 2011!

Jenxo said...

Debbie i was only thinking about you this morning , Truly Ruly:)
im so glad and you are still making stuff, its absolutely delightful....

i get like that, dont blog for ages and then have big looooong posts to catch up.
Happy New Year and to continued blogging.... ;)Jenxo

Gaby Bee said...

Welcome back to Blogland.It’s always a pleasure seeing what you are up to. These creations are fabulous, Debbi!
Happy New Year to you and all your loved ones! I'm looking forward to a creative new year and hope you have one as well!

Gaby xo

carole brungar said...

Good to see you back! I got a full time job in Sept last year but the contract will end in March and I haven't done much blogging or creating at all, dear oh dear!
May be I need to follow you and get into it for 2011!!
Here's to us!!

Jann said...

Beautiful, beautiful creations!

Carol said...

Lovely to see you back in Blogland Debbie :)

Rebecca said...

Debbie I have been waiting for you to come back - such a thrill I am so inspired by your work cheers Rebecca in NZ

Night Owl Designs said...

Happy New Year Debbi! So nice to see you blogging again, and sharing your 2010 creations!

Sue McGettigan said...

Wonderful catch up post Debbi, I see you've been busy creating goodness, and living in my fave part of the world again. One of my brothers lives in Swanbourne, it's just beautiful there. Welcome 'back' :)