Thursday, 1 October 2009

Vintage Fabric 4x4 Swap

Tonight I thought I would share the results of the little "vintage fabric 4 inch square" swap.

This one is from Carole in New Zealand -

This one is from Annie here in Kalgoorlie -

And this one is from Ann in the Netherlands -

And these were mine (as posted on my blog ages ago as I got enthusiastic and
made them early for once!) -

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Hi Deb
I've caught up at last and as usual I have so enjoyed all your posts and I am amazed at your creativity and sharing of this and others work too.These little vintage fabric squares are all ever so beautiful.There is a button on Ann's that looks exactly like a rusted metal vintage button I have in my stash.It came from Europe and was from the early 1900's I think.How amazing