Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Some ATCs

For some reason I got the urge to play with water colour paints on the weekend and I especially enjoyed painting up a whole pile of ATC backgrounds on lovely textured watercolour paper. These simple ATCs are the end result of some of these backgrounds (using those magic little Twinkling H2O pots of paint and lots of water misting) plus some doodling, punched or cut paper shapes and a little bit of sewing. Sometimes simple is SO much fun. PS The cards have a lot more sparkle than shows on-screen!

The big flower one is for a trade with Jen but the other two are available if anyone wants to trade and I would love to make more!! (I have the backgrounds already painted.) Just leave a comment or email me...

And this totally gorgeous and very vibrant ATC is the result of my recent trade with my blogging friend Sephi. I think she inspired the colours in my ATC for Jen!! Have a look here for some detail photos.


Jenxo said...

aww Debbi, i am so glad that ones mine , i love it. the colrs are beautiful, i reminds me of the bandana tech with the white dots.
it feels good to pare back and do simple! jenxo

Sue McGettigan said...

Those are SO gorgeous, I love playing with twinkling H20s also, haven't had them out for a while now - time to drag them into the light :) I bet the ATCs are lovely and twinkly!