Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween!

Well here I am again saying that yet another week has passed!! I've been travelling out bush again with my job most of the week, we have had a hard drive failure (thank goodness most stuff was backed up on the portable drive!) and, to top it off, I'm still having allergic reactions to "something" - or actually somethings as I am suddenly getting hives for the first time ever as well as a swollen numbed face!But it is Halloween and I thought it would be good to share some recent art for Halloween aficionados! Both are small canvas boards and stamps are of course by Oxford Impressions. More art tomorrow - I'm still reloading software etc so that I can function properly so this is just a quick little post!


Jenxo said...

Happy Halloween debbi, says she who has no goodies in the house should the children come knocking!

glad you had everything backed up, i lost a lot of data on my spread sheets when they transferred my pute over at work. i still havent caught up.

hope you find out whats causing you allergy , they are no fun..
like th canvases too...jenxo

kelsey said...

These are wonderful Deb and a fitting tribute to the 31st of October. Sorry to hear your suffering an allergy. My almost-daughter-in-law has been suffering herself and it turned out she's allergic to all sorts of stuff, herbs, a lot of vegetables, some fruits as well! Darn it if it doesn't make cooking a nightmare!!!

Anonymous said...

Love them, Debbi! I hope you are feeling better!
Suzanne M.

Queen Of Toys said...


Love the colours that you have used and so fitting with the theme.

Great art thanks for sharing.