Monday, 17 August 2009

Monday Night & This is as Imaginative as I Can Get!

Wouldn't you think that a blog post should be a relatively straight forward thing to give a title to? Seems not...This week Meagan and I traded "Paris" themed ATCs - the one at the top of the post is from Meagan and I just love it!! Below is mine (the heart is my new Nestabilities die- so glad I eventually got a Cuttlebug!) PS Meagan needs to start a blog...

And I have to thank the super duper ATC (and Technique) Queen Kelsey for passing on the "Fab Blog" award to me. I know blog awards can seem a bit of a "pass-around" but I really do like the idea of honouring some of the blogs I love, so here goes (and there is absolutely no requirement to pass this on BTW).

I am to list 5 obsessions (what only 5!!) and 5 blogs:

My obsessions -

1. Living authentically (meaning making sure I am being "me" rather than who I think I should/would be)
2. "Simple Abundance" - being grateful!
3. Art/craft (in so many forms...)
4. Straightening up the crooked bits! (includes tucking in the tags on strangers' clothes!!)
5. My family (this is a biggie!!)

5 blogs I love:

1. Jas - The Gluten Free Scallywag - She is my one and only and very special niece and I can't claim any credit but she has a wonderful foodie blog (especially wonderful if you are looking for gluten-free) PS She has style!
2. Celeste - Paper Planet - I finally got to meet Celeste at the Creative Soul Retreat in March this year - she has a wonderful detailed and beautiful collage style!
3. Jen - Jenxo - I haven't met Jen (yet) but her blog is always interesting!! We are currently trading fused plastic ATCs!
4. Caitlin - Caity Quilter - I'm fairly new to Caitlin's blog but she has a way with words and she really strikes a chord with me. Love her art too!!
5. Carole - Kiwi Carole - Carole is in New Zealand (in contrast to the Aussies above) and I just love the variety that you get visiting Carole's blog - stunning photography, food, quilting, art, life, pets ...PS She is also a trading pal!

And I ended up making some changes to my little beeswax tree page for Julie's book - I am much happier with it now the clock to symbolise that time is passing and the environment can't wait!)


Jas. said...

Thank you so much Deb - my first ever award! I feel very honoured! I've posted a copy of the picture you took on my site (altered it a bit hope thats ok?)

kiwicarole said...

Thanks for the lovely comments Deb! (such a lovely friend!)
I am honoured!

Sam Marshall said...

Beautiful ATCs.

Jenxo said...

Thanks Debbi , im pretty thrilled too and ive had fun checking out the other rblogs too...jenxo

sharon young said...

What a lovely post, I'd forgotten what a delight it is to pop over here. Love your Paris ATC and enjoyed reading your obsessions.