Sunday, 5 July 2009

Drifting Through Sunday...

(Mel's Birthday Card - I love using collage "scraps"!)

(Inchies by Kerrie Bowles)

I am having a lovely weekend - no major commitments so I can drift through the days doing the basics when they suit me (you know the washing and cooking etc), doing art in my pyjamas and doing lots of blog-surfing which is something I haven't done for sooo long. I've had a head cold this week so this sort of weekend is just what I needed.

(Inchies by Kathryn Robertson)

(Inchies by Anne O'Connor)

(Inchies by Pauline Brewis)

On Wednesday night my friend Annie and I sorted all the Green Fabric Inchies from the exchange we ran on the Aus_NZartquilters yahoo group. We had 20 participants so you can imagine what the table looked like with 1080 plus inchies on it...GORGEOUS! The inchies were mailed back to everyone on Thursday and it will be a few days I guess before everyone gets their envelopes but I can't resist posting some scans of the sets I ended up with.

(Inchies by Jane Symes)

(Inchies by Helen Dyer in NZ)

(Inchies by Annie Laing)

Some lovely people sent Annie and I extras, plus we each made an extra set to swap with each other, so I have a lovely assortment for my next wall display (which I will post as soon as I get around to attaching all the inchies to the backing material which takes ages as I play around with the inchies to get the arrangement that appeals most to me).

(Inchies by Cait Gordon)

(& assorted extras from some wonderful fabric artists)

I had a pretty quiet week creative-wise as a result of the head cold - all I wanted to do when I got home from work was eat and sleep! But I did get a little collage card made for a family member's birthday (pictured at the top of this post) and then this weekend I have been playing around with some more backgrounds - gesso resist, scraped paint (which is a sort-of credit card technique on paper that has been used underneath other techniques!), Adirondak inks on gloss paper and Claudine Hellmuth's peeled paper technique.

I am also working on a little altered book for a round robin I am about to participate in. It has been a couple of years since I did an Altered Book so I am having some fun with this. My "theme" is quotes as I want a little book full of quotes. It also means everybody can have a lot of freedom with the techniques they use which should keep it interesting.

And now I am off to do some more pages in it and maybe work on some Black & White Plus 1 colour ATCs that are due this month.


Jenxo said...

Hi Debbi, sorry to hear you have been sick, seems to be a lot of it going around.
love all those inchies and your 'experiments'look lovely , hope you feeling better soon jenxo

Jacquelines blog said...

The papers look gorgeous Debbi!

Jen Crossley said...

WOW Debbi amazing as always

Nia said...

Thanks for the inchie swap Debbie. I received mine yesterday and am absolutely thrilled. I have posted a photo on my blog and will put one in the yahoo group too. Thanks again.

Sue McGettigan said...

Those inchies look like so much fun! Hope you enjoy your arty PJ weekend (my fave type) and feel better soon!!

Julie H said...

This post is a week old and I have only just got to it - shame on me! Because I love your card! Beautiful. And you have reminded me to take the ABRR ideas out of my head and make them happen!