Monday, 29 June 2009

Finally I'm Back!

(Front View)

Well I finished the bulk of my clean-up and reorganization last Sunday a week ago (and I am feeling very pleased with myself!!) but then had to go to Leonora/Wiluna for work purposes so I haven't been around much lately. This weekend just gone, my son Josh flew up to Kalgoorlie so I made the most of his few days with us (and it was my birthday as well so it was extra-special family time!)

As a result I haven't been doing much creative stuff (outside of the kitchen) although I have finished a couple of art commitments. The first one is a fabric journal wrap that I made for Samm as my "Art of the Month" for a small group exchange. It looks a whole lot better in real life but my camera batteries were flat and I needed to get it in the mail today so I have made do with scans! Inside the wrap I have included a lovely colourful journal which I liberated from an unappreciative owner at our local monthly trash and treasure market. The wrap has pockets to hold the journal and is made from a mixture of vintage kimono fabric, new asian themed fabrics, a felt backing and some delicious velvet ric rac. The ties are dyed leather with recycled asian decorative coins.

(Back View)

I also made this little bird fabric ATC last night for my latest exchange with the cross-stitching ATC Anne Lugherini.

I have been blessed with some lovely mail of late - here is the first instalment! This is Pippa's interpretation of the June Calendar Girl picture (by Ton Schulten) - I love her dreamy postcard. And it came in this wonderful fibrous painted (internal!) envelope with some yummy clay beads/buttons.

And Cait sent me a gorgeous green ATC (along with her Green Inchies) - Annie and I are swapping them all out this week so I will be posting pictures later this week of all that green inchie goodness (there were 20 players who each sent 54 inchies so I guess you can imagine ....the mess that Annie and I could very easily get in!!) PS Sorry again about the blur - the ATC is quite "dimensional" and I really should have waited for a photo!

And last but not least, here is the latest ATC I have received from my exchanges with Anne Lugherini (Iam always running late!).

More tomorrow...


Lady Di said...

Hi Debbi, your AOTM for Samm is beautiful, I'm sure she'll love receiving this gift. The other art pieces are all very creative.

Julia said...

Hi Deb, Welcome back...I love the kimono journal wrap what a great idea..I am making sewing kits with a similar shape and ribbon tie to your ATC work as

Nic Hohn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEBBI!How great you recieved all these creative treasures...and the journal you made looks so beautiful. Big hugs to you xoxo

Cait said...

Welcome back! Love what you've been doing - and receiving.

Jenxo said...

Happy Birthday Debbi, i amn catching up on posts! ia am wondering if we share the same b'day, mine was the 28th. Love your atc to jenxo