Monday, 23 March 2009

Some More Retreat Photos

Yesterday's post (which comes up as if I posted it on Saturday as that was when I started drafting it!) ended up too big to include photos of everything so today's post is mostly photos. This is my painted face canvas from the second workshop I did with DJ. The next picture is where I stopped in class as I was just muddying the shading and getting into quite a mess (on the canvas and in my head). I think I have rectified it "enough" although what I can mostly see is what I needed to do differently (including learning more about lips and chins and shading and hair and eyebrows etc etc etc). I am an eyelash sort of girl and had to add them even though DJ recommends against spider leg lashes!! Hopefully I didn't go toooo overboard with them. I really learnt a lot in this class and need to start another face while I remember at least some of DJ's techniques.

These are the inside covers and "wrapped" signatures in the Art Journal I made in DJ Pettit's wonderful workshop. I think this will definitely be something I will be making again and it will be really nice to use my own artwork made miniature to personalise it a bit more. As you can see DJ gave us postcards of her lovely dreamy pictures to cut up and sew onto our wraps. There is a very glare-y picture of the postcards - two sizes - further down. Marvellous way to promote your work and make some money (they are a really nice quality and will look great framed and hung as a group!).

This is my favourite one!

I changed this one today on the left side -
will have to photograph it again - it looks much better now!

DJ's gorgeous postcards - the little ones are standard size and the bigger ones are much bigger!

As mentioned before we swapped "little houses" at the retreat but as yet I haven't taken a picture of mine altogether but when I do I'll post a picture here. I am thinking about mounting them along the edge of my big whiteboard in my office at work as I sit facing it and it would be a great way to see them often!

And here are photos of some of my Queensland art sisters (Kasha - how did I not end up with a photo of you???) These guys are all wonderful artists and great fun!

Gaye Todd

Gorgeous "Art of the Month" bust (with beautiful Moo card) for me from Jo

Jo Wholohan & Celeste Santin

The beautiful interior of the building in which my cousin Wendy has her design business
and where we had a lovely lunch!

A beautiful vintage doily I bought from a shop in the above building

A tiny peek at the part of an eight foot long vintage obi I bought at the same shop -
gorgeous heavy fabric that will have to become part of something special!

A gorgeous gift bundle from my special retreat room mate Susie -
it was waiting on my pillow when I arrived - how nice is that!!

And I have just realized that I haven't yet loaded a picture of my beautiful Jen Crossley etched metal necklace. It will have to wait until tomorrow now - and I am wearing it to work tomorrow so I won't forget!


Sam Marshall said...

Hi Debbi,
Your painting is STUNNING!! Love all your photos.

Judy Alexander said...

Your painted faces are beautiful. This is something I really want to try again. I did it once but had a lot of trouble with the paint running......

Jo Wholohan said...

your girl turned out fantastic deb, so great to see you again :)) LOVE that lace!!! xx

Gaye Todd said...

OOhh lovely art, but a bit scary seeing myself!!


she is gorgeous!!!.I'm just up to adding "skin" to my drawings on canvas for my on line class with Paulette Insall I'm doing at the moment.I'm sure I wont get as good as results as you so very proud of your efforts gal.What medium is she painted woth Deb?

Jen Crossley said...

Your work is just so beautiful Deb,you are amazing.Thank you so much for buying a necklace it means alot that you did as I admire your work so much

Annie said...

Looking forward to seeing your wonderful work in the flesh on Wednesday. Full up that bag with all your goodies!! Cannot wait!!

lindacreates said...

Your painted face is beautiful, don't be so hard on yourself! I guess we all are, aren't we!

Doreen G said...

As everyone else has said Debbi your painted face is so beautiful.
Well done you.

Kasha Rolley said...

Debbi, I think we drank too much wine together to worry about photos he, he. I will be putting some photos of us on my blog soon. It was so much fun to catch up, pity we were not class buddies this time.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Deb!
What fn to be able to hook up with all of the Aussie Creative Chix!! I am glad to hear that I am not the only one to be close to the wire with my Surface Design ATC swaps- I am in Fabulously Talented COmpany!!

Night Owl Designs said...

Hi Debbi, I really enjoyed reading about your trip. You made (and collected!) some beautiful art :-)

Celeste Santin said...

Hey Debbi, your painted lady is just stunning. Her skin tone is perfect.

Homeleightigger said...

Your Painted Lady is just sooo lovely Deb - you must be well chuffed!!

Queen Of Toys said...


Your finished paint is just perfect you are so tallented love the eyelashes too.

Hugs HRH

Ro Bruhn said...

Love your book Deb, it was indeed a fabulous class, DJ is a brilliant teacher. I have the journal bug at present and have started my second one.

JuliaRose said...

Hi Debbi, your DJ face and journal work..(I like your eyelashes),...thanks for sharing your thoughts about it all...just like i was there...Wish I had been able to take part in the classes, but maybe next year...was great to catch up with you on the Friday night...and I really love your ATC work, the textures you are creating, would love to see them done on a larger work?...You have inspired me to do ATC's of my gals...xx