Wednesday, 17 September 2008

More blessedness!

(From Dot)

I know I talk about feeling blessed quite a bit but what else would you expect with a blog title like mine! I had a wonderful relaxed and chatty time with my visiting sister (Marrijane) and we finished up with a great seven hour train journey down to Perth together on Sunday afternoon/evening. It was a very special time seeing as we only get to see each other a couple of times a year since she moved to the other side of Australia. I am already looking forward to the Creative Soul art retreat I am attending in March in Melbourne next year (with DJ Pettitt and Berlie Berlin!!) as it will give me a chance to have a few days with Marrijane afterwards. Then I am going to Sydney in June for the Artistic Journey Art Retreat (I am doing workshops with Nic Hohn, LK Ludwig and Keith Lo Bue!!) so maybe I will get to go via Melbourne so I can see Marrijane again! Needless to say I am trying very hard to save money for these trips - meaning I need to use what I have rather than buy more art supplies!

The last two days were spent in Perth with my wonderful friend Jude. I am going to be one of her bridesmaids (we are all dispensing with the "matron of honour" tag) in December and I went to Perth as part of the wedding preparations. So much fun and such a great "hen's night" on Monday evening. And it was back to work today...

(With Dotee egg out of her little pouch)

Last night I flew home to some wonderful mail - firstly this gorgeous hanging fabric birdie with removable Dotee egg from the incredible Dot Christian (beautifully beaded and such wonderful attention to detail - you can just feel the love!) and then these really lovely ATCs from Laurence Rocher (who gets to live in this incredibly gorgeous part of France called La Rochelle - not that I have ever been there but it sure sounds like somewhere I'd love to go!).

(From Laurence Rocher)

So I have nothing of my own to share as I haven't been creating (other than havoc) for nearly a week but I will be back in the swing of things tomorrow.

PS. I had a look at my blog stats while I have been away and just want to say a big thank you to everybody that continues to visit my blog!


Purple Missus said...

I'm very envious - I wish they held art retreats over here, you are so lucky.

sharon young said...

What lovely posts, the bird hanging is wonderful, very different and the colours on those ATC's are my favourite pallet.
I'm not surprised your looking forward to your retreats next year , they sound brilliant.

Jacky said...

You have been blessed with some gorgeous art Debbi... how yummy that birdie and the fabric ATC's.

I am soooo envious. You are going to be able to do both Art Retreats. I would love to (I think I could become addicted to Art Retreats).

I want to go and visit my son in the UK/Europe next year and it looks like being around June/July so may have to miss the Sydney AJ retreat next year. Will see you at the one in March in Melbourne though!

Julie H said...

Ooh you are lucky, this dotee's workis all so gorgeous.