Saturday, 27 September 2008

Creative Wednesday - Butterflies

Creative Wednesday has the theme of butterflies this week so I have made a skinny page (3 by 5 inches) for a book I am making for myself. (PS I love the look of the Creative Wed blog - it is so pretty in a non-pink way!)

The background of my page is, once again, a glossy magazine page which has been used to blot another painted surface. It had nice colour and texture given that it was a scrap and it only needed some more paint applied through sequin waste and a few squirts of some beautiful blue Glitz spray. I have stamped text and and a flowery flourish and then drawn over much of the flourish with a white gel pen. The butterflies are from decoupage paper and have been outlined with my favourite aqualip black pen. I also stamped some text on the biggest one. I love butterflies!

And on another subject, yesterday I received my copy of the latest Studios magazine (by the Cloth Paper Scissors publishers). It is another great issue and has some terrific articles but the reason I am so excited is that it has an article about an Australian feltmaker - Elizabeth Armstrong. I am probably way behind the times given this woman's artistic profile (with which I have now familiarised myself having looked at every single thing on her website!) but the article was my introduction to her and wow I am impressed! I want to go live on the other side of Australia and do all of Elizabeth's classes! I love her use of colour - check out the wall hangings!!!


Stempelchaotin said...

Oh wooow this is stunning.
Great background.

Danielle D said...

Love those dots - I admire your restraint with the gel pen, it always looks so classy when you use iit for embellisment. (I will never learn that less is more!)

michele said...

I love that all the items you used, magazine and collage papers, became beautifully cohesive under your artist touch. Viva the butterflies!

Kreativgeschwafel said...

your butterfly skinny is really fantastic!

carolann said...

Love this skinny I love anything to do with butterflies WTG hun xxxx

sharon young said...

Love those butterflies, Debbi, great piece, it all hangs together really well.
Thanks for the link to E A her wall hangings are to die for.
PS thanks for dropping in on my blog, I'm a bit slow with my posting at the moment, lots to do and even more on the horizon.

Dawnie said...

I just adore this butterfly skinny page with its colour and detail.You always inspire me Debbie so thanks for sharing.
Dawnie T