Monday, 22 September 2008

Calendar Girl Postcard for September

This month my Calendar Girl postcard is for Joanna - you can see the picture we are to use as our inspiration here. I had already seen Joanna's postcard for this month and was inspired by her use of the verse, in particular the reference to time - "Friendships that have passed the test of time and change are surely best". I haven't been as inventive as Joanna (whose postcard is actually a functioning clock!) but I have skipped the flowers this month and concentrated on the verse.

I've used a large Non Sequitur stamp of watches and clock faces which I have stamped on a beautiful piece of dyed silk (which incidentally Joanna sent to me some time ago!). The colours of the silk are so rich and gorgeous I decided this postcard would need minimal embellishment so I have just stamped words pertaining to the verse around the edge of the image and hand quilted around each of the the clock and watch faces. I've also sewn on a few black sequins and beads. Pretty simple but hopefully effective!


carolann said...

This is fantastic love the colours well done xxxx

Joanna van said...

Debbi this is's so nice to see how you used some of the material and now it will be coming back to me:) You did a great job of stamping on the silk. Great stamp!

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Love the stamp.
To me, the word 'time' - I need MORE of it!!! especially with so many fabulous blogs to keep up with.