Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Reporting in...

Well here we are again and I have to say I have no idea where last night went. These are pictures of some of the results of my Sunday play day - I didn't even venture out to our monthly Trash N'Treasure! Apart from cooking (and finishing my book late Sunday night), I just played - painting silk ribbons, fabric and then canvases. Such fun. I have a trestle table set up in the family room near the heater and although it wrecks the look of the room it is a blissful spot in which to indulge myself temporarily. It is also totally necessary as my two small art/craft rooms (unused bedrooms) are basically supply rooms at the moment - no available work surface! I won't just be spring cleaning in a month or two but undertaking a major re-organisation I think.

The flowers in the first picture are a rescue effort from an aborted journal quilt - painted vliesofix adhered to text printed fabric and batting, sewn and cut into freehand flower shapes, finished off with hand dyed edges (to get hide the batting edges) - no idea what if anything they will be used on but I had to try and save something from the quilt (which was a disaster).

Now to important stuff - the wonderful Cait Gordon, down in the southwest of our glorious state has finally started a blog and I have found out about it!! Check out her blog and leave a comment - we all know how nice it is to have feedback! By the way Cait is a very accomplished art quilter and she makes fabric ATCs too!

And while I am on the subject of other bogs, another trading partner of mine, Kiwi Carole, is celebrating her 100th post and she has a great give-away on her blog so make sure you pop over and leave a comment. Carole does all sorts of great stuff!

If you visit me here regularly, you may recall I was making triangles for a banner swap a little while back. Well, I have now received my "inspiration" banner back and it is just gorgeous and I can't wait to join up all the triangles and hang it in my sewing room (that is the room with a few millimetres of blank wall space). I'll share photos as soon as it is up - probably this weekend. I will also be able to share some gorgeous fabric postcards that resulted from a "paint" themed exchange - just got to get them all photographed as they are too dimensional to scan!

Off on a road trip to Leonora (a small town a couple of hundred kilometres away) for work tomorrow which means a very early start ,so tonight I am going to bed early. Tomorrow night I want to try and do a couple of the weekly challenges, especially Think Monday Think ATC which has turquoise as the theme. Just love that colour.


Doreen G said...

I can see those flowers on a Calendar Girls postcard --and oooh I love those silk ribbons and the fabric as well.

Purple Missus said...

I can't believe that anything you do is a disaster - you should have let us be the judge of that :)
Lovely, lovely happy colours here.

sharon young said...

You really do know how to achieve a wonderful colour pallet, Debbi!